3 tips for falling asleep quickly before the wedding

The wedding day is certainly one of the most exciting ever: you and your sweetheart are ready to swear eternal love in front of friends and relatives and you hope that everything, from the color of the flowers to the arrangement of the benches, is exactly as you hoped. Or as they advised you ...

A pinch of panic is normal, especially because you are convinced that everything must be perfect and you do not allow yourself to have room for error.
Here's how to get fresh and rested for the big yes day!

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1. Take it one step at a time

This applies both for when you will have to walk down the aisle, where more than ever it will be necessary to repeat yourself to take one step at a time, and for the months before the wedding.
Whether you've chosen a sensory wedding or a crazy Disney dress, the wedding is like a marathon: if you train consistently, you'll arrive in shape for the designated day and be ready for a great adventure.
Try to always wake up at the same time, in this way your body will naturally get used to having a certain number of hours of sleep and do some physical activity but never before going to sleep. For some of us, play sports before touching the bed, because of the big energy peaks!

2. Breathe

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Breathing can be a "fundamental ally to fall asleep in a short time. Doctor Michael Breus, known as" the sleep doctor "has theorized the technique of 4-7-8.
Inhale for 4 seconds, hold the breath for 7 and exhale for 8. This will increase the oxygen level in your body and help it to have the natural rhythm we take when we are sleeping.

3. Help yourself with your surroundings

The room you rest in should be dark and quiet. Don't drink in the hour leading up to your bed sheet appointment and avoid electronic devices.
In case you happen to wake up during the night, don't sit or get out of bed unless absolutely necessary: ​​avoid your heart from working overtime during the night or it will be difficult to get back to sleep!

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