Waxing: which one to choose? Features and benefits of the most effective hair removal method

Waxing is undoubtedly the most common and used of all hair removal methods. More painful than razor and depilatory cream, waxing - which can also be done at home - is however more effective and guarantees lasting results, as well as slower hair regrowth. Also, unlike the electric razor, it does not cause folliculitis and ingrown hairs. There are various types of waxing, which are distinguished from each other by the method of application and the consistency of the wax. Below we will bring them all back to you: from hot waxing, to cold waxing with depilatory strips, to Arab and DIY waxing. Before continuing reading, watch the video and find out how to prepare the wax at home!

Useful tips to follow before waxing

Before delving into the various types of waxing, here are some preliminary useful tips to avoid irritation, abrasions and other contraindications.

  • Prepare the skin for waxing by removing any oily residue such as body lotion, sweat or other. This is a very important step, the cleaner and drier the skin, the better the wax will adhere to the hair.
  • In the case of hot wax, let it heat up very well, it must be completely melted. Once it reaches maximum melting point, turn off the appliance and wait for it to cool down.
  • Spread the wax on the skin using a wooden stick or a special spatula, following the direction of hair growth.
  • Create a layer of wax on the skin that is not too thin, but not too thick.
  • Immediately afterwards apply a fabric depilatory strip and pull vigorously in the opposite direction to the growth of the hair.
  • In the case of delicate areas such as the face or groin, apply a little pressure to the affected area immediately after the tear.
  • Remove the wax residue with a cotton swab dipped in oil.
  • Apply an emollient and moisturizing cream all over the area.
  • Avoid exposing yourself to the sun immediately after waxing.

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Cold waxing: the depilatory strips

Cold waxing involves the use of depilatory strips to be applied to the affected skin area, after having warmed them in your hands or on the radiator. Even if it is less effective than hot waxing, this type of hair removal has an advantage: being more delicate and less invasive, it can be considered ideal for the most sensitive areas of the body, such as groin and face (upper lip).

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Hot waxing: at the beautician or do it yourself?

Hot wax is usually chosen by most women and carried out by the beautician. It is the most effective method, albeit painful, but guarantees the best results: smooth skin for at least three weeks, without the risk of folliculitis and ingrown hair, unpleasant problems that could appear with the electric shaver and epilator.

How you do it? After heating the wax for a few minutes, spread it according to the direction of growth of the hair with the help of a wooden stick or a special brush. Now apply a clean depilatory strip and pull vigorously in the opposite direction of hair growth. It is very easy and can be done comfortably even at home. In fact, you can buy the kit at the supermarket which includes a roll-on to be heated in the special wax heater or make it with the use of natural foods, such as sugar, lemon or honey (Arab waxing).

Arabian waxing: the benefits and the recipe to do it at home

Arabian waxing is one of the most gentle and painless do-it-yourself hair removal methods. In addition to being less invasive than the traditional one, this type of waxing is also quite inexpensive, as it can be done safely at home. The recipe for Arab waxing in fact provides for the use of water, lemon and sugar, and, for those who want an even more delicate variant, there is also the addition of honey. The procedure is quite simple: after having made it and having obtained a ball, it must be applied to the affected part and then torn off with an energetic gesture. The light version of the Arab wax is particularly suitable for the most sensitive parts of the body or those rich in glands, including armpits, groin and face (mustache).

Inguinal wax - the most effective method for intimate hair removal

Groin hair removal is undoubtedly one of the most painful and delicate points. For this type of hair removal, it would be good to avoid too harsh methods, such as razors and electric razors, as they could cause irritation in the first case and folliculitis and ingrown hair. on the other hand, although a little more painful, waxing is the most effective method for inguinal hair removal: it is better to choose the cold one - the so-called depilatory strips - as they are more delicate than the traditional hot one. Some women also choose pulsed light hair removal or the definitive laser: there are no big problems with these hair removal techniques, if not the precautions and precautions to be respected in order to guarantee an effective result and avoid problems and irritation.

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Brazilian waxing: what it is and how it is done

Among the various types of groin waxing, Brazilian waxing has always been particularly successful, a sort of total hair removal, which also provides for the hair removal of the labia majora and which appears in the part of the pubis with the triangular shape. Although rather painful, it remains the preferred choice for many women, who, especially in the summer season, love to get rid of hair completely even where the sun never shines.

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