Valentine's Day gift ideas for him: here are the most original choices for less than 40 €

You have already decided where to spend Valentine's Day, you have chosen the look and make-up to make your sweetheart turn heads, in short, everything is ready apart ... a gift for your him!
No fear! We will take care of giving you a hand and you will see that you will find the right idea without spending a fortune.
In our selection, in fact, you will find a lot of great ideas all for less than 40 €!

Focus only on the tastes of your man, on his hobbies and you will see that you will find the right solution, we will take care of guiding you!
But before choosing a gift, remember: the most popular gift will be you!

For one evening, turn off your smartphones, take a few hours to pamper yourself or maybe take a nice hot bath together or a "hot" shower when you get home from work.
It will take very little to ignite the spark and spend an evening under the banner of passion!

If he's a real nerd

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Your boyfriend has only one great passion, after you: technology!
Videogames, science fiction, computers, advanced software and so on.
First of all, starting with a gift on Amazon, you are already well underway: a true geek only buys online!
You will have a huge choice and if it is true that your beloved's favorite PCs and smartphones cost a fortune, it is also true that there are a whole series of related accessories that you will easily find for less than 40 € as indestructible cases for his new smartphone. , or gadgets from cult films such as Star Wars or Harry Potter.
And if you really don't know what to do in the nerdy world, an Amazon voucher will surely be very welcome!

Here is our selection of very nerdy gifts:
Multiport adapter for € 39.99
High-Tech waterproof dustproof case for iPhone for € 22.99
All gadgets inspired by the Star Wars saga
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If yours he is a tireless sportsman


There is no weekend that holds: your man's Sunday jog is a must that he just can't give up.
For him, sport is a real lifestyle, he likes running, cycling, crossfit, trekking and so on and so forth!
The sporting trend of the year is the fitness tracker! The bracelet that monitors all your progress and habits to keep fit!
Or you can still take advantage of the winter sales on major sports brands to give him the right outfit for his workout!

Look at our proposals:
Nike water bottle / shaker for € 15.84
Willfool Fitness Tracker for € 36.99
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If he lives for the music


Whether it's playing it or listening to it, your other half doesn't live a moment of the day without music.
He separates himself from his beloved playlists, only when he is with you and every moment of your story has a soundtrack that he loves to dedicate to you.
Again, you just have to have fun! Among high-tech accessories to listen to his favorite music and iconic t-shirts inspired by the history of rock, giving him the right gift will be a piece of cake!

Our selection for music-loving boyfriends:
Bluetooh JBL speaker at € 23.34
Wireless earphones for € 32.99
Check out our selection of band inspired t-shirts

For your gentleman


Your man loves everything that is vintage, elegant, retro and full of charm, in short, he is a true gentleman!
He loves tailored suits and super chic accessories, not to mention the love for his beard.
If you stay with someone who is always impeccable, it doesn't take much to make him happy: a beard care kit, for example, or a pair of personalized, high-class cufflinks.

Here are our tips for your gentleman:
Check out the chicest twin pairs on Amazon
I-clip paperweight and wallet in carbon for € 37.90
Vintage beard kit for € 28.99

The perfect gift for any man


A gift that brings together all boyfriends and girlfriends is the time spent together.
And there will be no more pleasant surprise for him (but we are sure you will appreciate it too) than a super hot evening, full of passion.
If you want to make Valentine's night a little more special, how about giving him a sex toy to use together?
There are many designed for you, for him and for the couple, to spice up the most romantic party of the year (and every night thereafter).

Here are some tips for setting fire and flames under the sheets:
Vibrating penis ring for € 14.99
Vibrator with remote control for him and her for € 18.99

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