Christmas decorations: the most original home decorations for a Christmas full of magic!

From the city streets to the living room: Christmas decorations are an indispensable must that involves everyone, even the most skeptical. In fact, with Christmas approaching, we are busy looking for original Christmas decorations and decorations for our homes to recreate a magical and enveloping atmosphere, typical of this special holiday: from Christmas trees to outdoor decorations up to decorations for the table with which to welcome and amaze friends and relatives on the big day.

But how to decorate the house at Christmas in an original way? Below you can find many imaginative ideas and DIY solutions from which to take inspiration to make Christmas full of magic!

DIY Christmas decorations: the most creative ideas for home made decorations

If you love DIY, Christmas is the right occasion to test yourself! Take some time to devote to this fun pastime and think of some original and cute ideas for DIY Christmas decorations to make comfortably at home. fast and, above all, cheap: what more could you ask for?

In this video you can find all the useful information to make DIY Christmas candles, to show off on Christmas day on your set table.

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Christmas tree decorations: artificial, particular, do it yourself and in wood. The most original ways to decorate your tree!

Let's face it: the Christmas tree is the real star of these holidays. Choosing the decorations for our Christmas tree has always been one of the favorite pastimes of young and old. the decorations you choose to define the style of your tree. Classic, original, shabby chic, minimal, in wood, multicolor, white: in short, whoever has more, more. More and more people today choose artificial Christmas trees: they are more green and cheap, not to mention the fact that they do not lose needles and can last for years. But not only: with artificial Christmas trees you can range between the most original and imaginative solutions. In addition to the classic and traditional ones, you can in fact choose a white and snowy Christmas tree and thus play on contrasts with colored or monochromatic decorations in shades of blue, red or fuchsia. If you love the shabby chic style, you can opt for degl wooden Christmas trees or for more particular and less traditional solutions. If you are particularly creative then, you can do it yourself, giving free rein to your imagination and your tastes. Here is a series of ideas for the Christmas tree from which you can take inspiration to make yours!

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© iStock The most beautiful and original Christmas trees

DIY Christmas tree decorations: how to make them at home in a few simple steps!

For this Christmas have you decided to save money and opt for DIY Christmas tree decorations? In the following video you can find out how to make tree decorations yourself and quickly and easily. Here are all the steps to take to make a home made Christmas tree!

How to decorate the house for Christmas: the most beautiful and original decorations

In addition to the tree, there are also many other home decorations to choose from to recreate the warm and welcoming atmosphere typical of this special party. You can range from infinite solutions, colors and styles and give free rein to your imagination. From the decorations with pasta to those with paper, up to the white Christmas decorations - in perfect shabby style - or the traditional colors and themes of Christmas - red and green, gold, needle-like leaves, stars and acorns, among the absolute favorites . Not to mention the wooden decorations, like this 100-piece set available on Amazon for 9.99 euros.

Here are also some other original ideas from which to take inspiration for really super Christmas decorations for the home!

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© iStock Christmas decorations for the home: all the most beautiful and original ideas!

Christmas table decorations: Christmas decorations, centerpieces and napkin holders

Decorating the Christmas table is not always an "easy task. Sometimes you try hard to make a great impression with the guests but you always fall into the usual solutions seen and reviewed. Yet there are many original Christmas table decorations including you can choose to leave everyone speechless. From Christmas decorations to centerpieces, to special and unique napkins and napkin holders: just a little inventiveness is enough. And remember that at Christmas there is not only red! Explore colors and patterns and let yourself be inspired by your creativity. For example, these golden Christmas tree themed napkins, available on Amazon for 10.99 euros, will make you look great!

Below you can find a series of original and imaginative ideas for the Christmas table from which to take inspiration.

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© iStock How to set the table for Christmas: here are the best ideas!

Outdoor Christmas decorations: the best Christmas decorations for the garden and patio

Not only living rooms and indoor Christmas trees, gardens and patios also deserve their Christmas decorations. Don't you find? Better to focus on bright and colorful decorations: from simple lights to lanterns and garlands to real Christmas trees of all respect! Here, for example, is the outdoor light chain, available on Amazon for 12.74!

Here is a series of ideas for outdoor Christmas decorations!

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