3 perfect hairstyles to show off with scarves, high collars and turtlenecks!

High collars, scarves and turtlenecks are accessories and outfits that are rather loved by women, especially during the cold period, but they do not always do justice to the female face, as they tend to close it excessively, which happens in particular with round or square faces. To overcome this "problem" and give harmony to the whole without feeling too constrained, we have thought of some suggestions for the ideal hairstyle to show off with these outfits.

Collected or semi-gathered, messy style hairstyles or bon ton looks: here are three perfect hairstyles for lovers of turtlenecks and high collars!

1. Chignon

It gives breath to the face and gives a refined and chic look that contrasts with the more sporty mood and the geometric lines of the high neck, balancing the effect. In short, the ideal to look like modern trendsetters who do not give up a touch of bon ton.

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2. Messy side braid

A deliberately loose side braid, in the sign of messy style, so fashionable in this period. Improvised and not too cared for, this is the ideal hairstyle to show off with high collars and turtlenecks so as not to give up a little femininity and contrast the geometric rigor with the asymmetry. And indulge yourself with various bows, laces and clips.

3. Ponytail

What's better than a nice high ponytail - loose or stiff, messy or perfect - to give breath to the face, harmonizing it? Here, turtleneck lovers, go wild with ponies tail of various types that open your face and enhance your features. This way you will feel perfect like the trendiest overseas fashion bloggers!

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