Ron English signs Absolut Limited Edition

In fact, he gave life to the Urban Art project Absolut Wallpaper, which sees Ron English personally involved, one of the geniuses of American pop surrealism, author in 2010 of the two current installations on the walls of Milan and Rome. Now Ron himself has created Absolut Limited Edition, a real work of art with a strong impact, available in a limited edition only for Italy. To make it precious a new and intriguing visual.

“For my Absolut bottle” - said the artist - “I wanted to depict a monstrum, which in the original Latin meaning evokes a divine symbol, a prodigy, a revelation. The image represented is the projection of something of a supernatural nature that generates in the "observer a sense of wonder and amazement."

The bottle made its “debut in society” at the Serendepico in Milan, a delightful restaurant and cocktail bar overlooking the Castello Sforzesco, which managed to create the right mood for the event.

Most popular cocktail of the evening? Of course the Absolut Limited Edition, specially designed for the occasion by Grazia di Franco. The latter is the winner of the first edition of the Absolut Talent Show, the competition for Bartender that has been enormously successful in Italy.

The ingredients? We reveal them to you immediately: Absolut Clear, Sweet and Sour, Vanilla sugar, Passion fruit puree and Blu curacao. To have the right effect, you need to shake everything and pour it into a Martini glass holding the ice, then inserting the blue curacao into the bottom of the drink with a vial.

Really hard to resist!

Laura Frigerio

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