How to combine colors to enhance your body

The combination of colors may seem the result of a choice of taste and that's it: we open the wardrobe, take a fleeting glance at our garments and instinctively choose those that seem to us to fit better together. In reality there are very specific rules, both as regards the combination of colors and as regards the combination of patterns. Let's start from these, with some very simple tips that you can find here:

  1. · How to combine colors following Itten's color circle
  2. How to match the colors of clothes: we enhance the body!
  3. · How to match the colors of the clothing to the complexion
  4. · How to combine mustard yellow or burgundy

How to combine colors following Itten's color circle

In fashion, as in art, there are various ways of associating colors in relation to Itten's color circle, which helps us avoid missteps. Colors are combined according to two main guidelines: gradations and contrasts. But let's get into the specifics and understand how the color circle created by Itten is structured:

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The color wheel corresponds to the color scale. The primary colors are represented in the central triangle: blue, magenta, yellow. The secondary ones are: green, orange and purple, which derive from the union, according to various percentages, of the three primary colors. You find them in the center of the image in correspondence with the two primary colors from which they spring. The tertiary colors are all those you see in the outer circle, corresponding to the primary and secondary colors.
To better understand how color matching works, even with regard to clothing, we must first take into account a personal choice: we prefer a combination of contrasting colors, with a decisive and lively result, or we are more of a combination for gradations, or harmonious and delicate? Having made this decision, we can obtain the two combinations as follows:

  • Combination of colors by contrast: consists of "associating two colors in opposite positions on the color circle, such as blue and orange, or red and green.
  • Matching of colors by gradation: corresponds to the association of colors that are very close to each other on the color circle, such as yellow and orange, but also light blue and blue. In short, in "combining different shades of the same color.

Here are two different looks, featuring the same mini-bag: the first a contrasting look, the second a gradation look:

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How to match the colors of clothes: we enhance the body!

To match the colors of the clothes and enhance the qualities of our body, we must keep in mind some basic rules that allow us to better understand the effect that colors have on the final result and on our shapes.

  • Balance the silhouette thanks to the colors. It is generally inspired by a dominant color, which will be accompanied and illuminated by the other colors.
  • Avoid wearing more than three different colors, to avoidclown effect.
  • Adding a complementary color allows you to tone down a color.
  • Black and white are not considered colors. They are almost never found pure in nature. They can therefore be easily combined with any color.
  • Neutral gray also goes well with many colors.
  • Always favor darker colors in the lower part of the body, because light colors tend to get fat.
  • The most vibrant and light colors, or even flamboyant, are ideal for the upper body.They illuminate clothing and the face.

In principle, therefore, just as we can dress according to the shape of our body, so we can choose the perfect combination of colors to enhance our curves! For example, if we have larger bottoms or hips and want to slim our silhouette , or we want to hide the belly, we will opt for dark trousers or skirts, from black to blue, but also burgundy or dark gray, combining them with sweaters or blouses in lighter and brighter colors. Conversely, if we want to enhance the shapes of the buttocks and sides, we will opt for lighter colors such as beige, white, but also pink or blue.

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Even the accessories and shoes can be colored, indeed, in some cases they can represent the perfect opportunity to enhance a simple look or with very neutral colors. We can choose a red shoe (like this New Look model for € 25) to wear underneath. a gray look, but also a gold sandal (like the Find model on offer at 45 € on Amazon) to highlight a look with darker shades such as blue or green. Same goes for the bags, on which we can range even more , opting for imaginative, particular models, which already in themselves combine colors in an original and super cool way! Take a look at these gems:

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    How to match the colors of the clothing to the complexion

    Also as regards the complexion we must opt ​​for those combinations of colors that bring out brightness and tones, and avoid combinations that turn off our face and do not stand out our skin. Here are some perfect combinations depending on your skin type!

    If you have an olive complexion and dark hair, choose the combinations:

    • Pink and orange
    • Red and black
    • Parma and almond green
    • Green and beige
    • Plum and beige
    • Red and gray

    If you have pale complexion and dark or brown hair, choose the combinations:

    • Beige and white
    • Navy blue and beige
    • Brown and yellow
    • Brown and off-white
    • Gray and brown

    If you have pale complexion and blonde, light brown or red hair, choose the combinations:

    • Chocolate brown and red
    • Black and white
    • Khaki and chocolate brown
    • Camel and black
    • Gray and black
    • Lavender and brown

    If you have very dark complexion or black skin, and dark hair, choose the combinations:

    • white and pale pink
    • light blue and beige
    • yellow and fuchsia
    • electric blue and pink
    • light gray and cream
    • beige and cream

    Color combinations to avoid
    The color combinations to be avoided according to the classic dress codes are the closest colors on the chromatic circle. Here are some combinations to avoid:

    • Green and blue
    • Brown and black
    • Red and pink
    • Navy blue and black
    • Plum and purple
    • Lavender and Parma

    In general, these combinations are not the best, but some trends tell us how fashion makes continuous changes in its rules. For example, the pink and red pairing is now very trendy!

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    How to combine mustard yellow or burgundy

    The combination of colors such as mustard yellow and burgundy can be a bit more difficult. In reality, to simplify things, we can always refer to the color circle. We must imagine mustard yellow as a shade that fits between gold, yellow and orange. Based on the circle, we could therefore deduce that it goes perfectly with blue, even navy blue, dark purple but also with more "autumnal" shades such as rust or burgundy itself. As for this last color, however, we must imagine it as a mix between purple red and purple in its darker shades, which is why it will go well with some shades of light blue or greenish, but also light pink, silver and gold. The final choice, then, is entirely up to you!

    How to combine mustard yellow or burgundy