5 phrases with which an anxious person subconsciously warns us that he is sick

Anxiety can take different forms, express itself in different ways and become a chronic problem or cause for further stress and anguish, especially when you are unable to express it. There are exercises you can do to learn how to keep your anxiety under control. , but it would be important and nice if those who are close to a person suffering from this disorder, learned to understand some signals, to support the loved one. Here are 5 classic phrases, which serve as an alarm bell ...
We remind you that practicing physical exercise can be an excellent remedy for anxiety, like the practice of yoga, which helps not only to release tension but also to calm down through the use of breathing, see:

1. "But aren't there" too many people here? "

The anxious subject often does not tolerate the crowd, which tends to suffocate him and make the moment of sharing space with so many people terrible. The agitation that causes the presence of many people is given by the fact in itself of being afraid of having an anxiety attack while being surrounded by so many people. This generates a vicious circle from which it is difficult to get out. The anxiety of places crowds, also referred to as demophobia, are a problem that affects many people, and if left unresolved can result in panic disorder or social anxiety.

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2. "Did I do something wrong? Do you have it with me?"

Even when everything seems to be going well, the anxious subject feels the need to "reiterate the point". Maybe in a relationship he might seem paranoid, obsessive, or just plain weird and unmotivated. Instead, the anxious subject needs to be continually reassured, since at that precise moment he tends to exaggerate the circumstances and perhaps even to apologize for no reason.

3. "I'll bring it ..."

Carrying the trolley, carrying the dog's leash, in general holding something, in a moment of anxiety, would help to calm down and "regain control of the situation". This is why the request is sometimes made. In general, those who suffer from anxiety prefer to feel that they are managing the situation, which is why some anxious individuals may also have mild forms of OCD.

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4. "I just need to get some" air "

The increased heart rate associated with anxiety, and the corresponding sensation of lack of air, can lead to the sensation that the clothes are strangling, that the chest is a boulder, and that it is necessary to regenerate with a breath of fresh air. So, to belittle it, who is next to you is confused by saying that you just want to get some air, when it is possible that the subject is experiencing an anxiety attack.

5. "I think it's too hot in here"

Another plausible consequence of the aforementioned anxiety and choking sensation could be that of hot flashes, excess sweating, dizziness. The discomfort is expressed by the subject as "having only a little" heat. " it could be an alarm bell, with which the subject wants to mask the moment of anxiety.

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