What to wear if you are busty: read the advice you absolutely must follow if you have large breasts!

Abundant breasts are the cross and delight of the lucky ones who happen to have it. Often it is good to enhance it, but other times you would simply like to have a more discreet one.

There are times when you would like to comfortably wear a shirt, but your breasts press under the fabric, perhaps straining the buttons too much! Or you would like to show off something low-cut, and the risk is that others think you are looking too brazenly for attention ...

What to do then? First of all find out what exactly your body shape is ...

And then follow our advice, of course! Here are our tips on what to wear if you have large breasts.

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The right shopping list for you

  • Tracksuits
  • Loose tops
  • Large trousers
  • Bras that minimize the breasts
  • A-line dresses or skirts
  • Jackets

The suits

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Jumpsuits solve many problems all together: to begin with, they make up a whole look without much effort. Then, they look great on busty women! The secret is to choose the right suit cut, which does not enhance the breasts too much but draws attention to the rest of the shapes.

Focus on the loose fit

  • Loose fit tops and all loose fitting garments are ideal if you have large breasts, but don't overdo it. Loose fit tops or garments could have the opposite effect, which is to be more prosperous than you are. .

    So the secret is: loose fit but well cut!

Move the volume to other parts of the body

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Add pants that fit looser than your usual skinny jeans to your wardrobe. Moving the volume to other parts of the body helps to minimize large breasts, and to harmonize the silhouette more.

Minimize the breasts

Don't just focus on "visible clothing!" Underwear is just as important as your outfits. So it also focuses on the right bras, which minimize an already voluminous breasts of hers.

Focus on A-line lines

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A-line lines are strategic when you want to shift too much attention from a full bust. So, try to be like Nicki Minaj, who focuses on an A-shaped silhouette to shift the volume of the body, while still being sensational.

Wear jackets

Jackets are a cure-all for many "defects", including, in fact, a large breast. And then they give an "elegant air to any outfit, saving many situations!"
A well structured jacket, perhaps with not excessive shoulder pads, can for example rebalance your figure, also giving you a very important air.

The things you absolutely must avoid!

As you will have seen, the important thing is to rebalance the figure and shift the attention from one volume, the large breasts, to another. It would therefore be better to avoid these garments:

  • Too big tops or shirts
  • Skinny jeans and tight shirts
  • Overly decorated tops and sweaters

Get inspiration from these celebrities!

Kirsten Dunst