Hair color 2018: trends and colors to show off in the summer!

The hair colors of spring summer 2018 reward every type of color with a series of original and fashion trends destined to conquer everyone. From cold shades to warm and golden shades, declined both on a blonde and brown base, up to the beloved red, which once again confirms itself as a leading color of spring summer. But not only. If the 2018 hair fashion proposals reward without doubt the more "classic" colors, but revisited in a more original and cool way, it must be said that even the most unconventional will be easily satisfied thanks to unconventional and very glam-chic colors and shades, an example above all: pink, by now become the alternative color par excellence, on the crest of the wave for several seasons, thanks to its winning combination of originality and delicacy, which now finds its perfect enhancement both on blond and black hair, with two versions of original and super ad hoc shades chic.

In short, whether you love traditional colors or want to give a more decisive twist to your color, below you can find all the hair color trends of summer 2018 from which to take inspiration to show off an original and fashionable color.

But before we tell you about top hair colors, here are 5 little tips to follow to choose the right hair color for you and show off a bright and perfect color!

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Beige hair and nude hair: the chicest 2018 color trend for blondes!

One of the chicest colors of 2018 for blondes will be nude, a slightly cold beige blond with some golden or cream shades, able to create the perfect mix of cold and warm tones for a natural and luminous result at the time. itself, as well as highly refined.

As you can guess, the ideal color from which to start is a cold blond or an ash - possibly a very light brown - so as to maintain the "cold" and glam "soul of the color, combined with a light and not too olive complexion. In fact, if you have darker skin, you better opt for a more golden nude, thus introducing more warm shades that best enhance your complexion.

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Blonde hair for summer 2018: dirty blonde is the most fashionable color!

If the beige hair remains the winning choice for those who love a natural and refined look, the dirty blonde is instead the ideal for blondes who want to dare a little more. This fashion and trendy color, made with the balayage technique, includes blonde lengths and a darker and more visible root - in shades of brown - for an urban chic look worthy of the most up-to-date trendsetters from overseas. The result is a degradé. with a natural and not excessive effect, which in any case focuses on a "dirty" blond and anything but uniform.
The most suitable cuts to enhance it are undoubtedly medium sizes and long cuts, even better if with wavy styling. Even the messy-style harvests lend themselves perfectly to this dirty blonde that thus creates plays of light and dark full of panache and glam allure.

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Blush rose, the pink shade of summer 2018 for blondes!

In spring summer 2018, pink finds its perfect enhancement on blonde hair thanks to a delicate and glamorous mix at the same time. The blush hair or pinkish blond is in fact a very popular color of the season and consists of a romantic sprinkle of pink, with more or less decisive shades, on blond hair, preferably with a cold or ash-colored base. The result is therefore a pastel shade with a magical and almost fairy allure, perfect for those who want to dare with a particular color without exceeding in terms of intensity.

The rosy blonde, also known as light strawberry or pink champagne, is then ideal on women with a fair and lunar complexion for an even more glam-chic effect.

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Tiger eye, the most loved brown-blond of 2018!

By now you already know it: it has been on the crest of the wave for several seasons and continues to be among the favorite colors of hair fashion. After all, it is a fascinating mix of brown and warm blond, with honey and caramel reflections, made with the balayage technique is perfect for enhancing brown hair and brown hair that is too uniform. The result is a warm and luminous color capable of harmonizing and illuminating faces and giving movement and dynamism to the entire hair. Perfect for blackberries, the tiger eye also has a variant designed specifically for blonde hair: it is called wild tiger, and is made with the same technique starting from an ash or blonde base.

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© Getty Images Tiger eye, the hair color loved by brunettes!

Hair trends 2018: caramel burnt is the cult trend for browns!

Brown-haired women can triumph. In fact, for you, the hair fashion of spring summer 2018 offers many choices; one of these is the burnt caramel, an original and innovative color that corresponds to a mix of caramel and chocolate with a golden effect and is a more decisive version of the classic caramel, so much acclaimed last year.

© Photo taken from the Facebook profile of Clio MakeUp

It is a perfect color to enhance brown hair and give a warm twist full of brightness. Ideal with faces with an olive or not too light complexion, burnt caramel is a color full of character and brio that goes perfectly with long or medium-long cuts, even better if with wavy styling.

Brown hair: mushroom brown is the chicest trend of summer 2018!

If the caramel burnt is perfect for those who want to warm up their brown with luminous and golden effects, the mushroom brown hair trend is instead the ideal for those who in this 2018 want a colder and alternative color with a high glam content. It always starts with a brown base, to which are added, however, highlights ranging from light brown to ash, up to taupe and gray for a trendy and super chic result. Perfect for faces with a lunar complexion, this color full of allure is perfect for giving a touch of refinement to your hair.

You can choose light and delicate shades for a brown that turns to a cold blond with a metallic effect or push on the more decisive shades of taupe and gray for a decidedly more original and fashion tint.

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Cinnamon hot chocolate, the cult color of 2018 for blackberries!

It is called cinnamon hot chocolate and is the cult color of summer 2018 for blackberries. It is a dark brown warmed by shades of cinnamon, coffee and dark chocolate which, together, give a luminous finish and character to the base color. therefore the result of different colors combined together and the manufacturing technique, a degradé with about 4-5 different shades, confirms it. The chromatic match guarantees dynamism and movement to the entire hair for a dark brown full of character and warmth. Better to focus the shades on the lengths; for this reason, cinnamon hot chocolate is the ideal color for those who sport long hair or medium size cuts.

Perfect for faces with a dark complexion, this decisive and luminous dark brown is still a suitable choice for those with a fair complexion. Better in this case, push on colder and more intense shades, not exaggerating with warm and golden tones.

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Rose brown, the pink shade of summer 2018 for browns!

Considered an ideal color in combination with blond, pink, in this spring summer 2018, finds a perfect enhancement even on black and brown hair. The rose brown is in fact the pink color of 2018 designed specifically for brown hair and consists of a glam color with a metal effect characterized by delicate and bright iridescences on a rose gold and pink champagne base, which allows you to dare without exaggerating. The result is an original and fashion color that is not excessively extravagant and with a good dose of refinement.

Perfect on long, medium or very short hair, this color is ideal for those who want a touch of magic without falling into excess. In short, get noticed but with class!

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Dark mauve: the glam-chic trend of 2018 perfect for brunettes!

Those who love more decisive and strong shades, can choose a color, always on a pink base, decidedly more charged and intense than rose brown: the dark mauve, a mix of dark chocolate and mauve, also known as the 2.0 version of the chocolate mauve. It is a dark brown enriched with intense mauve and purple shades for a color that changes to shades of plum red. Intense mauve chocolate is the ideal choice for those with a dark brown who want to opt for an original and sophisticated color that stands out with style.

You can choose to concentrate it only on the lengths or on some tufts for a decidedly lighter and more delicate version or distribute it on the entire hair for a more decisive and strong effect, but always of great refinement.

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Red hair: cayenne spice red is the cult color of summer 2018!

Bright, lively and full of character, cayenne spice red is the shade of red destined to become popular in the spring and summer of 2018. marries with the luminosity of which this highly trendy color is the spokesperson. It is a bright and intense orange red that is dressed in the decisive and spicy shades of cayenne pepper for a color that enhances diaphanous faces and lighter, more lunar complexions.

Do not despair women with darker skin, with a right more intense and warm twist - closer to the shades of copper - the cayenne spice will be the ideal choice for you too.

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Mulled wine hair: the mulled wine trend is the most fashionable red of 2018!

It exploded in the winter, but it seems that it will also have a large following in the months of spring summer 2018. It is a warm and enveloping red with cherry and purple shades perfect for diaphanous faces and light complexions. Strong color and full of personality. , the mulled wine hair is suitable for any cut, even if it finds its best enhancement in short and very short cuts, giving them even more character.

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Colored hair: the most original color trends of summer 2018!

Lovers of the most eccentric colors can rest assured: the hair fashion of summer 2018 thinks of you too. Pastel shades will dominate the fringe of the most extravagant colors, in particular powder pink, cotton candy, water green, lavender and peach colors. Finally, there will be stronger colors and decidedly more eccentric versions: from petrol green to electric blue, up to the fluorescent proposals of peach-pink and orange.