5 things smart people don't say

While it is true that we should never judge someone by their appearance, we can undoubtedly understand a lot about them from what they say. Specifically, there are statements that seem to be said by someone not very awake. Let's leave aside the distracted and forgetful ones, since forgetting things seems to be a symptom of intelligence. Sometimes there are phrases that irritate terribly, and inevitably lead to think that the person with whom you are interacting is unintelligent. Less than the dog in the video, see:

1. "But I've always done that"

A comment usually worthless (if not the value of justifying itself). In the school, work, love, of any kind, rejecting changes in favor of what one has always known how to do is clearly limiting. Banning the laziness behind this phrase and the unwillingness to question oneself is the option. better to be more awake and intelligent.

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2. "I can't help it"

"It's not my fault, I can't help it, I don't know" and various. This sentence, like the previous one, expresses the little desire to question oneself and the human limitation that arises, refusing to take responsibility. Rolling up your sleeves, deciding to get busy, trying to do something ... is always a positive way of dealing with life's circumstances, and it's foolish to just say: "I can't do it and it's not my fault". Let's do it!

3. "I'm going to ask a stupid thing, maybe"

Very often these questions are actually superfluous and not very significant, often this sad premise makes them worse. If you are aware of the stupidity of the thing you are about to say, why say it? Often we persist only in order to feel like the protagonists of a conversation about which in the end we don't really care. Sometimes speaking just to appear doesn't make you look brighter. Maybe you should have more sex and less love, it seems to make you more awake!

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4. "It's not fair at all"

The unintelligent meaning of this statement is that of mere whim. When you say this phrase to complain about the superfluous, then you are unintelligent. In life, many things are unfair. Complaining is quite futile, doing something shows intelligence. Being capricious. and spiteful clashes with the awareness of the meaning of things and with practicality, qualities essential to an intelligent person.

5. Any question that repeats what has just been said

Whenever you say something, and someone rephrases the sentence as a question, a neuron crashes into another neuron. There is no worse interruption than the stupidest question of all, that of the confirmation of what has just been said, clear and round. These questions, even if they were the result of distraction, immediately classify the asking subject as really annoying.

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