6 must-have women's hats this winter

Hats are our best friends, especially in winter when the cold seems to want to freeze even our thoughts.
Here are some suggestions on the 6 most chic models of winter 2019, all different from each other.
From the super urban beanie to the very chic turban, have fun choosing the model that will keep you warm all winter between these 6 beautiful models, all available on Amazon!

The baker boy

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The trend of the year. A reinterpretation of the marine style, mixed with the timeless charm of the old sea dog.
We offer you a model of Brixton Friddler is absolutely authentic. The double drawstring attached to the bracket with metal buttons and the accentuated visor give the wearer a captain's air.
Pair it with a turtleneck sweater and a long coat for a refined and timeless look.

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The Basque

A timeless classic.
The French style beret. Just put it on and it's Paris right away!
Symbol of the artists of the magical French capital, the beret gives every woman a bon-ton touch even on the simplest outfit.
Wear it with a scarf tied around your neck and ... chapeau! What a look!

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The hat with the pompom

Bring some cheer to these gray, cold and rainy days!
But above all, protect your head from frost.
We offer you a lovely PaMaMi model, lined with fleece inside with a nice faux fur pompom!
Try it in pink and bring spring to the icy streets.

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The oversized beanie

Perfect with a sporty look or with your flaming chunky sneakers.
The beanie is the classic wool cap, worn a little loose.
Steal it from your boyfriend. Or find your favorite model on Amazon.
We offer you this must by Carhartt, in the orange version. Super cool!

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The turban

Both in summer and in winter, the turban is one of those accessories that give charm and mystery.
For true divas, here is a Culater model in wool, embellished with an embroidered broche to shine and seduce.
We love this color, to be worn with everything, but you can choose between 3 other shades.

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The faux fur hat

From the cold and distant Siberia to our streets, the fur hat is indispensable for those who are really cold.
We have chosen a beautiful model of Futrzane in faux fur.
It will cover your head, forehead and ears and give you a pleasant feeling of protection from the cold.
Choose it to contrast with your hair color: dark if you are blonde, light if you are brunette, you will see what a super chic effect!

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