10 amazing baby shower gifts under € 30

An increasingly frequent habit in Italy, the baby shower is an "excellent opportunity to collect useful gifts for your baby's first days or to spoil your dear pregnant friend, also because baby items are quite expensive. but it's not necessarily impossible to find great deals online.

We have created for you a selection of the 10 best items to give at a baby shower on offer for less than 30 €!

Philips Avent bottle and pacifier set

One of the most renowned baby care brands, Philips Avent is definitely a great gift idea for those who are pregnant. The set that we recommend includes: four baby bottles, an orthodontic pacifier and a cleaning brush. The bottles have an anatomical shape and easy to grip and a double valve technology that avoids the formation of bubbles that can cause colic in the baby and finally, the teat is anatomical and with a petal design that promotes softness, flexibility and "mixed breastfeeding.The pacifier has a symmetrical and flat teat design that respects the natural development of the palate, teeth and gums. All products are made of 0% BPA plastic, in compliance with EU regulation 10/2011. On Amazon, we found the set for less than € 30, super deal!

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Bin throws Foppapedretti diapers

There is nothing more unpleasant than a bin full of dirty nappies, then a bin suitable for discarded nappies. The Pig model of the Foppapedretti brand is one of the best known (and also the best) on the market. Its oxygen barrier technology traps most bad smells and the bags are easy to use, have customizable dimensions and the bin has the capacity to hold up to 180 diapers!

Buy the bin bag refill on Amazon

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Sterilizer, bottle warmer and Bable food heater

Best friend of all new mothers who are experiencing the first months of their baby's life, the Bable bottle sterilizing machine is a multifunctional product:

  • Constant heating: which evenly heats breast milk or powdered milk through the circulation of water or steam to preserve nutrition.
  • Steam heating and sterilization: which sets the temperature to 99 ℃. Quickly heat the breast milk and sterilize the bottle with high temperature steam. It is also capable of defrosting or heating 150 grams of milk in 7 minutes.

In addition, this bottle sterilizer is extremely safe: it switches off automatically when the water inside is used up, it is made of the highest quality BPA-free material. It is a product that effectively solves the different needs of new parents, using little space at a fair price.

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Lictin ergonomic baby carrier

The Lictin baby carrier is the product with the best value for money on Amazon: it costs less than € 30 and is the perfect model to take the baby on short walks. because it is able to support a weight from 3.5 to 15kg. Its quick-drying wool construction is non-sticky and non-itchy to babies' delicate skin and its ergonomic design allows you to carry your baby in front of you or on your shoulders and creates an optimal angle to reduce back pain.

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ANKÖMMLING mom backpack

Any normal bag will never be large enough and equipped to carry all the products needed to take care of a small child when parents are around. Changing bags are suitable for all the needs of parents once they are away from home. The ANKÖMMLING backpack that we recommend, for example, is waterproof, very roomy and provides a series of pockets and small bags specific to each baby's product, such as: diaper bag, thermal pockets for bottles located in the front bag, padded shoulder straps for more convenience for parents, tools to secure the backpack in the stroller, as well as several other pockets to help organize the products. And the price? Incredible! It costs less than € 20 on Amazon!

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How to understand your baby: book the secret language of babies

All parents wonder what their baby is trying to say when he cries. Many times it is not sleep, nor hunger, nor dirty diapers, so a manual would be the life-saver of many tired and distressed parents! "The secret language of newborns" answers the thousand questions that a new mother asks herself every day. Author Tracy Hogg teaches how to interpret the language of newborns by distinguishing the different types of crying and reading the movements of the body. Through concrete examples and true stories, she helps new parents to guess the needs of their baby thus establishing an intense relationship, transforming every small event in an "opportunity to get to know each other better.

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Philips Avent Baby Care Kit

Again, the Avent Phillips brand offers an excellent solution to small problems in the routine of new parents and babies. The baby care kit offers a pencil case that contains everything you need to care for your baby. There are 8 accessories:

  • digital thermometer and nasal aspirator with soft and flexible tip
  • small soft plastic toothbrush for cleaning teeth and gums
  • 1 hairbrush with soft bristles
  • 1 comb with round tips
  • Nail care set with scissors featuring blunt tips, nail clippers and three nail files

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Jomolly gum massaging glove

The moment of tooth growth is a difficult time for the baby. The annoyance is constant and often intense. A gum massager is essential at this time and we recommend this rubber-tipped mitt with bumpers, which guarantees a gentle but effective massage to the gums. The model is ideal to be carried around because its glove shape with velcro closure avoids the quick loss of the toy. The model is made of BPA-free silicone and soft and flexible fabric that allows the child to use it even as he grows up.

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Warmies giraffe thermal plush

The cold of every winter night will never be a problem again with the Warmies thermal plush. This giraffe is the most practical solution for warming your baby on cold winter days: it is a soft toy suitable to be heated in the microwave oven. On Amazon you can find the whole range of Warmies soft toys. They are very cute, soft and practical models.

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Towels are never enough: set of 10 HBF muslin

The HBF Cotton 10 Towel Set is the perfect gift for new mothers. Believe us: muslins are never enough! This pack contains 10 square towels 25 x 25cm and with different designs. They are made of delicate cotton, suitable for children's sensitive skin and the price is really affordable: it costs less than 15 €.

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