5 tools for a professional kitchen in your home!

The kitchen, this clever mix of work, talent, imagination, ingredients and ... tools!
Whether you are an expert chef or a simple enthusiast, every good cook needs the right equipment for their kitchen.
Without quality tools, it will be difficult to achieve a professional result, so your tools must be carefully selected!
Discover our selection of tools to own for a professional kitchen!

1. The Topelek thermometer

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Indispensable for precise cooking, the thermometer is a tool that accompanies professionals in their daily preparation.
This Topelek model will be your most faithful ally.
Thanks to its high-precision sensors, you will know the temperature of your dishes, without running the risk of cooking them too much or too little.

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2. The Runesol siphon

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When we think of professional tools, we think of the siphon!
This tool will allow you to make delicious whipped cream!
The RuneSol siphon will allow you to do little wonders to accompany your sweets and other delights.
Made of stainless steel, this high quality siphon will allow you to keep your fillings for several days. The advantage of buying a siphon is to be sure of the composition of your cream and to say goodbye to the preservatives of supermarket products!

The siphon is a pressure vessel that must be handled with care and scrupulously respecting the manufacturer's instructions.

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3. The digital scale Uten

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Cooking like a pro is cooking with precise doses! The kitchen scale is essential!
The Uten digital scale model is ideal for the kitchen. It features a built-in 2-liter stainless steel bowl that will allow you to put solid or liquid ingredients inside. Precise and functional, the scale is multifunctional! It is especially equipped with a timer, tare function to deduce the weight of the container, a low battery and overload indicator. It also displays the ambient temperature, an interesting and useful indication for food preservation!

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4. The Rackaphile torch

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How to make a crème brulée worthy of a pastry chef without a flame?
We have found a reliable and safe one: the Rackaphile torch. With its safety trigger, finger guard and sturdy base, safety is assured.
Thanks to this model, you can't miss a preparation. Caramelize, grill, toast: it will soon become indispensable! Its large capacity tank allows an autonomy of over 40 minutes.It is also possible to manage the intensity of the flame according to the preparation.

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5. Tuxwang bowl set

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We finish this selection of essential products for a true kitchen professional with this Tuxwang stainless steel bowl set. Easy to clean, to put in the dishwasher, these graduated bowls will accompany you in your daily preparations.
From appetizer to dessert, you always need a container to prepare the dough, sauce or cream, which is why these bowls accompany the professionals every day!
Useful for preparation but also for storage or to be used as a salad bowl.
Equipped with lids, they can also be placed in the refrigerator.

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