Complete makeup bag: here are the best

A beauty routine is like a fingerprint: there is a specific one for each of us! Every woman has her own shade of complexion and unique needs for the face. That's why creating a complete make-up kit is a challenge that requires a thorough knowledge of your skin.

However, some tips are useful for all those who want to have flawless makeup and protect their skin. In this article we tell you the 10 key tips to have a perfect complete makeup kit:

1. Skin hydration: a face cream

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Our first tip for the best makeup kit for you is perhaps one of the most important, because it creates the foundation for perfect makeup and at the same time ensures that your skin is protected and hydrated throughout the day. Also, well-hydrated skin means your face will be glowing and healthy, and as a result, you won't need to put on multiple layers of makeup and can instead use lighter, more natural makeup.

We recommend: For this, we recommend Poppy Austin's moisturizing face cream based on vitamin E, vitamin A, green tea and Shea butter. This cream, in addition to being cruelty free, has nourishing properties that hydrate and stimulate the production of collagen and cell renewal, guaranteeing an effective anti-aging action.

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Another area of ​​our face that cannot miss special attention (mainly in winter) is that of the lips. Already the skin of the lips is delicate, the cold, the wind and the constant contact with saliva can make the area chapped and inflamed. An excellent lip balm to use before applying lipstick will protect your mouth throughout the day.

We recommend: Burt "s Bees Lip Treatment Balm. Its regenerating and moisturizing action restores skin hydration from the first application! Using it constantly will keep your lips healthy.

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2. Skin preparation: an excellent primer

A good primer makes the difference between an ok make-up and a perfect (and practical) make-up: we have already told this secret in the article that reveals the practical beauty tricks of the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle. The primer is a product created specifically to prepare the skin when applying make-up, protecting the pores from the pigments of the foundation. Among the main functions are:

  • tighten pores to protect them from the harmful effects of foundation;
  • add a touch of hydration;
  • neutralize the reliefs of the skin;
  • uniform the different skin tones;
  • give a luminous effect to the face;
  • Keep makeup intact for longer.

We recommend: Revlon Photoready primer has a technology "Bend pigments"which minimizes skin imperfections and is able to reflect natural diffused light, guaranteeing a shiny and luminous effect on the skin. In addition, the primer helps to moisturize and protect the skin while maintaining perfect makeup for longer. This primer it can also be used together with a thin layer of BB cream to create a more casual makeup.

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3. Complete corrector for imperfections: the palette with shades suitable for dark circles and redness

A very common mistake to use the same concealer to cover different shades of the face. If you find different shades of redness in your face along with dark circles, you need to aim for a palette that offers a variety of shades to homogenize your skin. In the case of very marked dark circles, for example, you can use a beige pigment of a lighter shade than your base. In the case of redness, however, you can try using a green pigment to make the color of your complexion more uniform.

We recommend: the Maybelline New York concealer palette. The product includes 6 shades to correct all the different shades. And best of all, all colors are moisturizing and help soothe and protect delicate skin from external factors.

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4. Foundation: coverage, durability and texture

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The choice of foundation is the main challenge when it comes to creating your own complete make-up kit. It's easy to mistake the skin tone or texture of the product, so it's always important to consider 3 factors when buying a foundation:

  • Coverage: if you feel the need to hide some skin marks or blemishes, you need to focus on a more consistent base with high coverage and you also need to be careful of the "lightness"of the pigment. A good foundation creates satisfying coverage without the need to add multiple layers of product. If, on the other hand, you are the type who prefers to add as little product to the skin as possible, a simple BB cream is already enough to even out the skin. and cover small flaws while offering a radiant effect.
  • Duration: it is also important to consider the duration of the product. Choose carefully the brand of foundation, always try to focus on the most reliable brands and also try to take a look at the reviews of the products, because often an inexpensive foundation may not satisfy you and you would risk having to spend even more to buy a better quality one. late.
  • Consistency: Finally, it is very important that you know your skin type before buying foundation. If you have rather oily skin, you need to focus on powder-based or compact products. If you prefer the liquid consistency, we suggest a mattifying foundation. If you feel dry or sensitive skin, a foundation in cream version with SPF is ideal for protecting your skin from the sun or the cold.

We advise you: to meet all your needs, we have chosen Collistar's foundation with lifting and anti-aging effect. In addition to the renowned quality of Collistar, this foundation is the right compromise between the three factors mentioned above. The foundation is creamy, makes the skin of the face homogeneous and has excellent coverage: one or two drops are enough to have a natural and light result. There are tons of shade variations, so you will find the perfect one for you whatever skin tone you have. You can also count on guaranteed long life, anti-aging properties and a very useful SPF 10. Take advantage of the 24% discount and buy now on Amazon!

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5. Rosy cheeks: highlight the cheekbones of your face with the ideal color for your complexion


The ideal blush for your complete make-up kit must have a pinkish color that suits your complexion, so you can highlight your cheekbones and ensure a healthy and lively effect make-up. Among the different pigments, you can choose the powder versions together with an illuminator, or a shade with a matte effect that will guarantee a more natural look.

  • If you have fair skin: Pink / peach tones will give you a sweet and youthful face.
  • If your skin has a medium tone: you have to focus on cherry pink tones or, if you want to be a little more daring, you can try using shades with slightly orange tones.
  • If you have dark skin: if your skin tone is dark you can focus on strong and bright colors such as gold and copper, or shades derived from red such as brick or tomato red.

We recommend: the Make up Evolution blush palette which, in addition to offering 6 shades of blush for an infinite variety of looks, also contains 2 highlighters of different colors to create a luminous and modern effect.

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6. Important eyes: choose a varied and versatile shadow palette

An eyeshadow palette full of shades and sparkle is the star of every complete make-up kit! But be warned: depending on how frequently you use eyeshadows, a palette that is too large could be a waste. Pay attention to the colors that go well with your complexion and buy a palette of varying shades and with the ideal quantity for your routine. We recommend that you consider the following factors:

  • Frequency of use: if you like to use eye shadows every day to highlight your eyes, focus on neutral, earthy colors that blend with the nuances of your skin. If, on the other hand, you prefer to create a more important make-up for parties, we advise you to be more daring and focus on sparkling and bright tones.
  • The quality: there is nothing worse than a poor quality eyeshadow palette! Rather it is better to buy a smaller and less varied, but excellent quality eyeshadow palette that guarantees better coverage and durability.

We recommend: the Make Up Revolution eyeshadow range that offers 32 shades of eyeshadow between shimmering and matte. In addition to the wide variety of colors, the Make Up Revolution eyeshadow palette is of professional quality, ensuring high durability and excellent coverage.

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7. Eyeliner: create the perfect line

The eyeliner is the reason why we always arrive late: most of the time we make mistakes while we are drawing our eyes with eyeliner! Don't worry: after these tips you will never go wrong again! Our advice is very simple: a gel eyeliner with an oblique brush it makes its application much easier, because the gel is easier to control both in terms of quantity and pigmentation.

We recommend: the "L" Oréal Paris lacquer color gel eyeliner offers a long-lasting effect and its package also contains the application brush: everything you need to create the perfect cat eye! Buy now on Amazon with a 56% discount !!

We recommend: the "L" Oréal Paris lacquer color gel eyeliner offers a long-lasting effect and its package also contains the application brush that will guarantee the right means to create the perfect cat eye! Buy now on Amazon with a 56% discount !!

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8. Mascara for dramatic lashes!

To complete the eye kit of our perfect make-up kit, an excellent mascara certainly cannot be missing!

Even in this case, saving too much is not a good idea, also because mascaras in general do not cost that much, so it is better to spend around 20 € to have a good quality mascara that does not melt easily and, of course, will guarantee that you do not you become a panda during the day. Beware of reviews! High price does not always mean high quality. Always try to focus on well-known brands, with the desired effect and always choose products that have many good reviews online.

We recommend: Collistar's volumizing mascara, in addition to offering an abundant package together with a brush that does not leave lumps on the lashes and divides them very well, is a long-lasting product, which guarantees light coverage and an intense black.

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9. Lips to kiss: the lipstick set of intense colors and long lasting


Perfect makeup also requires flawless lips: after moisturizing them with a good cocoa butter or lip balm, you just need two layers of long-lasting lipstick to add the final touch of your makeup! To create your complete make-up kit, tip on the sets of 3 or 4 colors of lipsticks. Obviously, we recommend that you always pay attention to the quality and hydration capacity (mainly during the winter) of the chosen products.

We recommend: Amlaiworld's matte velvet effect moisturizing lipstick set. The set contains 3 colors of red lipsticks and offers a long lasting effect, as well as being able to protect your lips.

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10. The complete brush set

At this point, we have almost finished creating our perfect makeup kit and we cannot end the discussion without talking about the ideal tools: brushes! A complete set of brushes always offers tools suitable for the application of corrective, foundation, blush, and eye shadows.

We recommend: this set of 16 brushes made with synthetic hair! They are vegan and are able to apply both powder and cream makeup.


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