Sexuality Test: How Much Do You Know About the Clitoris?

Despite the advances made by science, the feminist movements, the constant and accessible information, today it remains understood that in order to be sexually satisfied, a woman must be satisfied only with the action of the penis, without touching the clitoris. It is a reductive vision. , which comes directly from Freud: his theory on the superiority of the vaginal orgasm is part of our cultural heritage. Sexual intercourse involves penetration, that's what school, movies or magazines teach us. The clitoral taboo is insidious and still present. This also greatly affects the knowledge that women have of their pleasure organ, to the detriment of a healthy and balanced sexuality. And above all to the detriment of all the benefits that can be drawn from its knowledge, for example, through masturbation:

Sexuality Test: How Much Do You Know About the Clitoris?

With this test on sexuality you will be able to understand how much you know about the female pleasure organ, how many details still escape you or how much it can be a girl's game to go to practice.

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