Do you remember the Buffalo shoes of the 90s? They are back!

Do you remember them? Buffaloes were the wedge shoes everyone wanted. Maybe they weren't the best solution to slim the figure, but if we think of the dolls printed on the Onyx shirts, or the videos of the Spice who managed to make amazing turns despite their height, rogue nostalgia does its job. But you know the novelty. ? Buffaloes are back, straight from the 90s! Ready for a training session?

Buffalo 90s shoes

Buffalo shoes were a must have of 90s fashion, alongside Onyx, Fornarina and Phard. Not all of them liked wearing them, not all of them were capable, also because some really defied gravity! Here they are, take a dip in the past:

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© Instagram @buffalolondon Buffalo shoes: the return of 90s sneakers

The Buffaloes are back in 2019

You can have confirmation on the Instagram profile @buffalolondon or on the website, which specifies the sales points also present in Italy. In short, if it is true that the spring summer 2019 fashion offers many garments with a vintage twist, inspired by the 90s, the Buffaloes are placed on the podium without terms of denial. Here are some of the models proposed


© Instagram - buffalolondon Buffalo Shoes 2017

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And if you are in "icons of the past" mode, here are some unforgettable cuts!

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