Personality test: can you take care of yourself?

We are in the 2.0 world in which everything in our life is monitored and we should more or less manage time and space in the best possible way: everyone knows how to tell us what we should do to feel good, but the truth is that we are not so 2.0 and not all follow the letter the "as it should be". Yet the formula is simple: healthy food, sports, a bit of self-control and attention to the products we choose: all this would help us to live better. Instead we are vices lovers, we let ourselves go and often do not pay attention to our well-being by taking on junk food, accumulated stress and anxieties and laziness.
In the video we offer you a solution that reconciles vices and virtues, see:

Personality test: can you take care of yourself?

In short, loving a healthy life is a great start to take care of yourself. Practicing it also helps reduce stress and manage the hectic pace of our lives. Do you want to find out if you can take care of yourself and can you really cultivate your physical well-being? Take the test and find out:

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Choose a shape and discover your strengths and weaknesses: they will help you understand something about yourself better. Take the test:

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