Name test: what you should have called yourself based on your personality

How much has your name marked you in your life? Not a little. Whether our name corresponds to that of a loved one (usually grandparents), or if it is a choice independent of traditions, but linked to a meaning ... it certainly follows us throughout our life. It identifies our personality, and in fact names have always been bearers of meanings and qualities. Watch the video to understand what we are talking about:

Name test: what should you have called yourself?

So does your name match your personality, or would it have been better if you had had another name? Maybe there are names that would have suited your personality better. How many times do we look at a "friend, a sister and tell her" you look like ... "choosing a name that we think best suits her way of being? Find out which name would suit you, take our test:

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Are you a predictable and reassuring person or a crazy and unpredictable person? Take the test and find out:

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