Jealousy test: how "bad" is what you feel?

How many problems arise from jealousy? Misunderstandings, quarrels, anxiety, tensions in the couple and so on and so forth. We all know perfectly well that a little jealousy can be the focus of the relationship, feed it, stimulate it. But we also know that it can turn into something greater than us: into obsession, fear, blindness, all situations that undermine the relationship from "indoor. Because one can be jealous from birth, but it is also the evolution of the relationship that can change the cards. Also because, as you know, life as a couple changes, not always for the better ...

Jealousy test: 10 questions to understand your level

This jealousy test, perfect for her, will allow you to understand how "serious" you are feeling. Because if it is true that there are signs that allow us to understand if our he is a chronic jealous, it is equally true that getting an "anal of conscience is much more complex! And even if you know for sure that you would be able to recognize the" symptoms "of an imminent betrayal, you don't necessarily know how to analyze yourself thoroughly! This jealousy test will allow you to understand more and possibly change the direction of your attitudes! 10 questions, a very simple jealousy test!

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