Couples test: if he cheats on you, what kind of cheater would he be?

Women fall into two categories. Those who believe that their man would never, ever be able to betray them, and the others, who are convinced that no woman can avoid incurring, at least once in her life, a male betrayal. Regardless of the category to which you belong, one thing is certain: it is not easy for any of us to imagine our partner with another woman. And we spend hours studying the signs to understand if he is a traitor, very often non-existent! example, how many times have we asked ourselves if the zodiac sign can influence his nature? Let's see a bit "the most predisposed to betrayal ...

Couples Test: What Kind of Unfaithful Could Your He Be?

We asked for help from Dr. Braem, a psychologist, to understand how many categories of "traitors" men can divide. Take our quiz to find out what kind of cheater (potential, of course) your man is!

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