Do you need more space in the kitchen? Here's how to create it!

The kitchen is your favorite room in the house, but let's face it: keeping it tidy is a real challenge!
We reveal all the tricks to create the space you need to move comfortably while cooking and find everything you need without the risk of a pot collapsing on you!

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Your lockers

Do you also never know how to stack the cups in the closet? Among those that do not stack in shape and size and lack of space, the order in our wardrobes goes to bless you but also the time to rearrange them. With this hook, you will have a solution!


To avoid having to lift the stack of small plates to catch the large ones below without hurting yourself or breaking anything, this support plate is very practical. With its two floors, it will allow you to directly order small, large and deep plates.
You can use it as a mini shelf for your canned goods, tea, coffee and anything that takes up space.


The same goes for your sink, here's how to organize your cleaning products where it's most convenient for you and free the dish drainer!


Your fridge

The fridge is no exception. To keep it neat and organized, try sorting its contents into drawers like this. Plus, they prevent the mayonnaise jar from accidentally falling between your salad and your eggs and keep the food fresh!


If you drink canned drinks regularly, this dispenser can be a great way to keep them together.


Your spices

To avoid having to end up with a multitude of spice jars stacked in a box, this revolving shelf is ideal. Once you have purchased the spices you just have to place them on the counter and that's it. No need to transfer your spices. in another container or other.


Your tools

If even at home, the utensil box or drawer is always full and you can't get anything, the kitchen wall can be another solution to make room. Here, you can even hang utensils immediately after washing them. bar can be used as a way to dry them. Besides being practical, it is also an effective deco solution for decorating the walls of your kitchen.


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