To each her own: the best sex toys for her

We took a look at the Amazon section on sex toys and found some very interesting adult games that are worth checking out.

In the common imagination, the world of sex toys stops at the common phallic-shaped vibrators.
In reality there is a whole world to discover and just as every woman is different, erotic games are too, you just have to find your own, based on what we like best in bed.

What are you waiting for to try? It will be a very hot experiment and you will really have nothing to lose ... quite the opposite!

Whether you want to experience new forms of pleasure with your partner or you prefer to dedicate yourself to orgasm alone
Look at our list, for sure there is something for you too!

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Amoressa Troy Premium Rabbit Vibrator

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The rabbit is a true icon in the world of sex toys. Even HBO in the Sex and the City series dedicates an entire episode to him, in which Charlotte, the most shy of the four protagonists, becomes addicted to it and does not leave the house for days.

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It is the favorite of women, because unlike the classic vibrators it has a second head made specifically to stimulate the clitoris. A must try once in a lifetime!

Buy on Amazon for € 46.82



LELO, a company specializing in design sex toys, offers the second version of the Lily. More powerful, it reaches up to 8 different settings, for really intense orgasms. Try it alone or with your partner, perhaps inserting it between you to give both of you some very pleasant vibrations.

Buy on Amazon for € 129.41



Always LELO proposes Mia.
Small and discreet. Almost unexpected, this little friend will be mistaken by the less accustomed for a harmless lipstick. To keep in your handbag because you never know ...

Buy on Amazon for € 89.95

Anal ball chain with ring


Anal sex is always a very subjective discourse. Always remember not to do anything you are not convinced of. If you want to try it but are afraid of pain, you can always start with this chain of anal beads that start from a very minimal size and gradually increase, to test what you like and what you don't.

Buy on Amazon for € 14.90

Love To Love Vibrating Egg with remote control


In bed and in the life of a couple in general, nothing is better than complicity. Imagine how exciting it can be, giving your partner a remote control with which he can control your pleasure. This egg is inserted into the vagina and the remote control, once activated, releases small vibrations that will make you jump in surprise and more ...

Buy on Amazon for € 48.00

Mini finger massager


The smallest on our list. This mini vibrator is worn on the fingers during manual stimulation. Also try to rub it on your lips, earlobes, nipples and all the erogenous zones of you and your partner.

Buy on Amazon for € 10.99 <

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