Sex after marriage: how to revive the couple

In addition to those couples who have waited for the moment of marriage to physically unite and who have however encountered problems in bed (in this case the marriage is not "consummated" and we speak of "white marriage"), there are also couples who after marriages undergo a moment of decline in desire, and it is in all these cases that it is natural to wonder how one could do to keep alive (or ignite) the desire in the couple. This is because, although not considered fundamental for many, sex has a number of positive implications on our life, see:

What to do in case of "white marriages"

"White marriages" are characterized, in most cases, by sexual dysfunction of both partners or one of the two. The woman frequently presents with dyspareunia, in which she feels pain during penetration, or vaginismus, or the involuntary contraction of the vaginal entrance. And it happens that when these female disorders encounter male dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction, a combination is created that prevents the couple from experiencing penetrative sexuality. However, to remedy the lack of penetration, the partners often cultivate an extra-penetrative sexuality, sometimes very rich and varied, which however delays the taking on of the problem. In fact, the couple comes to seek help from a specialist belatedly, when they start wanting a child. However, we should not wait so long, because the longer you wait, the more the disorder becomes radical and difficult to resolve.

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Because the decline in desire after marriage should not be ignored

Rule number one: don't pretend indifference. Sex is a source of psychophysical well-being and marital complicity. And a couple, however well disposed, cannot tolerate the lack of such a vital element of the relationship for long: the number of betrayals and separations is eloquent! After understanding and modifying those corrosive relational dynamics of desire, it is necessary to get closer gradually, resuming touching, kissing, hugging, caressing, and finally having sexual intercourse.
To do this, however, we must not wait for the desire to return spontaneously by itself, as if "by magic"! We have to "force" it a little, at least at the beginning. In fact, just as hunger pangs are felt less by dint of not eating, so prolonged abstinence makes you feel less desire for sex.

How to spice up sex after marriage

Setting "sexual dates" and starting to question oneself again, perhaps abandoning old habits and experimenting with new places and positions, nourishes desire, which is the lifeblood of a couple. Change the hours, look for your moments, talk about what you would like to try together, think about using (if you have never done it before) sex toys.
Because sexuality, by repaying the partners for pleasure, balances the common sorrows present in each couple, allowing for a more balanced and complete union!

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Experimenting and trying to understand what is good for themselves and the couple is the basis of a lasting union, based on sharing. Any ideas for doing new and exciting things together? Take a look ...

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