Our top 5 women's running shoes!

If you love running or brisk walking, you will know very well that you need the right shoes. Running is a sport full of benefits, but also of "risks" because, if done incorrectly, it can lead to health problems in the long run. In short, not using specific clothing is one of the most common mistakes in running! We want to focus on just one garment, and recommend our top 5 women's running shoes, among all those on Amazon, like these:

Women's running shoes on Amazon

The New Balance are the perfect "semi" sporty running shoes for me

The New Balance running shoes represent the right balance between low price (for this type of shoe) and good quality. They are light, soft shoes that hold the foot firmly when running. Perfect for a light jog, a brisk walk or a short run. Here they are in purple-blue, a particular and original alternative to the more classic pink or black.

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Pros: The price is really affordable for this type of shoes and offers good quality for this price range. They are really light, so perfect for running!
Cons: If you are a professional runner, this model may probably not meet expectations or be optimal for very long runs.

Buy them on Amazon for 55 €

The most classic running shoes: the Asics

With the Gel cumulus 18, Asics offers an "excellent running shoe for women. Leaving aside positive aesthetic notes, such as the color of a really nice bright pink, this shoe is cushioned in an excellent way and guarantees a nice push in the detachment phase thanks to to the new FluidRide 2.0 midsole. In short, it cushions and pushes, perfect actions for running enthusiasts!

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Pros: they are an excellent product, which guarantees comfort and performance during the race. There are various colors, beautiful even those in black and fuchsia available on Amazon!
Cons: like many running, they fit slightly small. So you have to pay attention to this when buying them.

Buy them on offer on Amazon at € 100 (-31%) €

Among the best women's running shoes there are the Mizuno

The Mizuno Wave Ultima 9 WOS is a running shoe with a capital R. In addition to the wonderful color, it has many technical qualities that are important for running peacefully: stability, excellent cushioning system, the smooth rider, which is a technology that reduces microtraumas in the support phase and facilitates the thrust. In short, nothing is missing! The price varies according to the number, this is that of a 38.5


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Pros: in addition to all the qualities listed above, this running shoe has a ventilation system inside the shoe that reduces heat and humidity, promoting perspiration!
Cons: the price varies according to the increasing number, lucky those with small numbers


Buy them on Amazon for € 78

Balance between cushioning and reactivity: Saucony running shoes!

The Saucony Ride 10 are great running shoes for women who like to run without risk. They cushion perfectly, both in the momentum and in the support phase, they cushion the natural shocks of running, also thanks to the technology of the midsole designed specifically for this! They are in breathable fabric, excellent for the health of the foot!

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Pros: they are excellent for fast walking but also for a demanding run, having an excellent technological structure.
Cons: they are slightly tight on the instep, which should be taken into consideration if you have a very wide sole.

Buy them on offer on Amazon at € 75 (-46%) €

Or opt for Nike trail running shoes

The Nike revolution 4 is a trail running shoe, that is for running or walking outdoors. This model, in fact, is perfect for a fast walk or for a light jog. Comfortable, soft, normal fit and also has half sizes, an advantage for the most undecided. The color, then, is really super! Excellent value for money!

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Pros: it is a very soft and light shoe, which does not burden during movement or workouts in the gym. It has half measures that help in choosing the number.
Cons: Not suitable for professional or very demanding races.

Buy them on Amazon for € 50 <

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