How to take care of leather furniture

The maintenance

Every 15 days, dust the armchairs and the sofa using a damp cloth (wet it with non-calcareous water), without rubbing. This operation allows you to free the pores of the skin.

For a more thorough cleaning, to be carried out every 6 months, wash all leather surfaces with a specific cleansing lotion and then apply a nourishing cream, which will have the task of moisturizing and protecting your furniture.

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Remove stains

If you accidentally spill something on the sofa, blot the stain immediately with paper towels, without rubbing. Make a movement from the outside inwards, to avoid enlarging the stain.

You can also use grandma's techniques:

- Blot the stain with a cotton swab dipped in flammable alcohol.

- Rub a cloth soaked in lager beer on the stained surface.

- Rub the stain with orange zest.

- On fair skins, you can rub the stained part with whipped egg white.

Regenerate the skin

On the market there are specific products to regenerate the skin, which give good results. Make the product penetrate deeply by making a circular motion with a non-absorbent cloth. When all surfaces are dry, polish them with a soft rag. The skin will probably become darker, but it will return to its original color after a few days.

Other methods to regenerate the skin

- Dab the leather surfaces with a flannel cloth on which you have poured some talcum powder. Prepare a mixture with two thirds of white spirit and one third of beeswax and make it penetrate the skin with circular movements, using a non-absorbent rag. When the surface is completely dry, polish it with a soft cloth.

- Clean the leather parts by wiping them gently with a soft cloth soaked in water and white vinegar. Once dry, apply lanolin oil using a cotton swab. Wait at least 24 hours and then polish the leather with a soft cloth.

Renew the color

Clean the leather surfaces with a cotton swab dipped in a degreasing cleaner. Let it dry then apply a chemical base, which will allow the paint to set. Apply the coloring product with a flat brush and when the color is dry spray the fixer. Finish it off by polishing with a rag.

Not to do:

- do not expose the sofa to direct sunlight (pay attention to the French windows!), as it risks discolouring.

- Heat risks cracking the skin, so place leather furniture away from direct heat sources such as radiators, fireplaces or stoves.

- Never use a product without first testing it on a hidden area of ​​the sofa.

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