How to regain self-confidence after the end of a story

Building love is one of the most complex things in the world. Because love blossoms but then it must be guided, it wobbles between "I don't understand where I'm wrong" and "if you always think you're right, maybe you should close it here".
There are times when love triumphs and at others, however, when the annoyance cannot bear the pleasure.

You broke up and, if you loved each other, it doesn't matter who broke up with whom: in all likelihood, both of you will be sick. The problem is that at the end of a story the credits are supplanted by the "behind the scenes", the moments only yours when you laughed like crazy at the restaurant, looked for your favorite radio station and found yourself under the house at 3 am in tell you dreams and fears.
The problem is that "behind the scenes" lasts only a few minutes, in the face of dozens and dozens of battles that, one after the other, have left you knocked down.

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Do not take any sins that are not yours

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Beyoncé wrote a record about her husband's betrayal and decided to react in more or less orthodox ways, but the incredible thing is that she found the strength to react and, in her case, also to forgive.
When you love each other, you love each other in two and always leave each other in two. It makes no sense to talk about numbers and percentages: you were a team and you stopped being one.
Do not take sins that are not yours, do not carry burdens that do not belong to you. They will only make the path you have to take more complex.

Speak out

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Talk to your friends and listen to them, listen to everything they have to say to you. They have not lived the relationship directly but they have seen you live it therefore, they are perfect eyewitnesses.
If you think you are not enough or if you think you have it all wrong, people who love you will be able to tell you that you are wrong, that you are much more than "enough" and in love you are never alone.

Take each other by the hand

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Find something that makes you feel good and keeps your mind busy: cook, dance or, if you really want to turn your life upside down, find the courage and go. Alone.
Don't throw yourself into a new relationship before you're done with the past and then, day after day, the smile will come back to your face.

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