Weekly horoscope from November 19th to 25th: love smiles on air signs!

Aries: cursed Venus!

Dear Aries, unfortunately also this week you will find yourself fighting with Venus in opposition: your love story is not going the right way and doubts are starting to be stronger than the passion that binds you ... take your time to understand what you want! Meanwhile, lucky days lie ahead on the working front: good news are arriving on Mondays and Tuesdays. Sunday, however, will be shaken by a nervous moon ...

Taurus: what energy!

Dear Taurus, in this period of great recovery for your sign, the energies are returning stronger than before. You will soon feel ready for an important decision, but don't rush and take your time. Super lucky will be the days of Wednesday and Thursday, when the moon will shine in conjunction in your sign. The most romantic day of the week? The one on Sunday! Find out immediately which are the adjectives that best describe you:

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Gemini: don't get down on yourself!

Dear Gemelli, Mercury's opposition continues to give you a hard time, especially in the workplace. It almost seems like someone is opposing your success, even if only by generating a negative climate of envy and recrimination. You go on your way and don't care: your talent will win in the end. Week-end in the name of passion: with Venus on your side and the moon in conjunction you will experience unforgettable emotions!

Cancer: partner problems ...

Dear Cancer, unfortunately an unfavorable Venus increases the tensions in your life as a couple. It will not be easy to find balance with your partner and, especially if you live together, the climate could get really heavy. Fortunately, you have the favor of Mars on your side, which gives you the strength you need to react and face difficulties with your head held high. Monday and Tuesday will be the most stressful days, while the luckiest day will be Sunday.

Leo: lucky week!

Dear Leo, this is a very lucky time for your sign! Favorable Venus and Mercury give you success in every area, both in the private and professional fields. Love makes you even stronger than you are. Singles, on the other hand, will have more than one "opportunity to make important meetings ... From this point of view, you should bet everything on the super-lucky days of Friday and Saturday.

Virgo: what a stress!

Dear Virgo, this week you will feel a little tired and stressed due to the opposition of Mars, and the bad mood will lead you to dramatize the small difficulties you may encounter, especially in the workplace. Unfavorable Mercury, in fact, does not make your life in the office easier: you will get to the point of not putting up with anyone anymore, especially on Friday! More serene, however, on Sundays, full of feelings and relaxation.

Libra: long live Venus!

Dear Libra, are you ready to live another week of passion? Venus in this period gives you a particular charm and sensuality, it will be really difficult to resist! Even couples who have been together for a long time will experience a real rebirth. Excellent news on the work front too, but pay attention to the days of Mondays and Tuesdays, when an opposite moon could create some inconvenience.

Scorpio: how much grit!

Dear Scorpio, with Mars in your favor no one stops you anymore! You are a real fury and during this time you will be busier than ever, but it will be nice to see your merits recognized and be so successful, whatever you do. Pay attention, however, to the days of Wednesday and Thursday: the moon in opposition could play some bad tricks on you ... Fortunate, however, the weekend, to be devoted to relaxation and affection.

Sagittarius: don't stop believing it!

Dear Sagittarius, Mercury in the sign encourages you to make your dreams come true, even the most impossible ones! You have all the skills (and the stars) needed to make it. Unfortunately, however, unfavorable Mars will lead you to suffer a lot from the tiredness of this beautiful but demanding period, and the weekend can be a bit nervous ... Fortunately, love will take care of cheering you up: with this beautiful Venus there are important love stories on the horizon!

Capricorn: nervous week ...

Dear Capricorn, your week will be a bit nervous, unfortunately: the most stressful days will be those of Monday, Tuesday and - above all - Sunday, when you may find yourself caught up in some long (and heavy) couple quarrel. If you have something to clarify with your partner, focus on Wednesday and Thursday, when you will have the moon to support you. Mars gives you the strength you need to keep your rationality strong and reactive.

Aquarius: so much satisfaction!

Dear Aquarius, this month of November is giving so many great satisfactions to your sign, who can finally recover from a hard period, on every front. Love will give you strong emotions, all to be experienced without too much anxiety about the future: as they say, if they are roses they will bloom! Mercury, meanwhile, gives you new opportunities and beautiful opportunities: keep your eyes open, especially on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Pisces: the rematch begins!

Dear Pisces, your revenge begins with Mars in conjunction! Finally you find all the strength you need to win your battles and face the little big problems that will arise, especially in the workplace. Unfavorable Mercury, in fact, could create some complication or block at work: pay particular attention to Friday. On the other hand, those on Wednesday and Thursday are very lucky.

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