Black Friday: discover the world day of the craziest discounts!

Black Friday is probably the most important time of the year for all online shopping enthusiasts and for those who have as their reason for living the search for products with the best. value for money! We must admit that many of us are also waiting for this period to start Christmas shopping or to take advantage of the exclusive promotions of this super discount day to buy the product we have been keeping an eye on for a long time at the cheapest possible price.

This period is now known worldwide for exceptional discounts, but what exactly is Black Friday and why has it become so popular? In this article, we explain how it was born, when it starts this year and, of course, where to find the best offers !

What is Black Friday?

The tradition of Black Friday was born in the United States and in recent years has also been gaining ground in Europe. The "original" Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving day, a US holiday. On this day, stores apply truly exceptional discounts on their products with the aim of encouraging Christmas shopping. A day of super sales, in short, where customers can get real bargains.

During this day, shoppers can take advantage of exclusive promotions, with discounts of up to 80%! It has become a fixed day every year in which we dedicate our time to shopping without worrying about arguing with our partner. because, in the end, he or she too will be very busy shopping! And the joy does not stop only at the Black Friday offers: following this day, Cyber ​​Monday was also created where you can find flash offers exclusively online.
Now that the tradition has spread, there are a lot of different Black Friday strategies out there; to the point that in some cases Black Friday is not more than a single day, but even a whole week!

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Black Friday: origin and meaning

The name Black Friday ("Black Friday" in Italian) comes from the Sixties: it was used for the first time by the Philadelphia police to indicate the day after Thanksgiving Day, when the very popular football game took place in the city " Army Vs. Navy ", Army versus Navy. As a result of this event, the city fell prey to chaos and the police called it "black" for this reason.

In the Eighties, then, the meaning expanded, referring not only to that particular day, but also to the black color of the balance sheets, because at the time the accounting records of the shopkeepers were filled in with pen, using black ink for positive accounts. and red ink to represent leaks. And on the Friday after Thanksgiving, thanks to the exceptional discounts, the bills ended up in the black.

The first Black Friday

The first store to do such a promotion was Macy's in 1924, on the occasion of the parade she organized in New York. Since then, more and more businesses have adhered to the strategy of offering super discounts the day after. Thanksgiving Day, but the initiative definitely exploded in the 1980s. Since that time, the frenzy of Black Friday offers has spread all over the world thanks to e-commerce.

In recent years, to further encourage Christmas shopping, Cyber ​​Monday is combined with Black Friday: invented in 2005, Cyber ​​Monday, which always takes place on the Monday following Black Friday, is dedicated to online sales and also in this case, offers the possibility of shopping with exceptional discounts.

When is Black Friday 2018?

Black Friday 2018 officially begins at midnight on November 23, 2018, but many online stores such as Amazon, Ebay and Yoox start their special offers earlier, keeping them active (and with incredible offers) until Cyber ​​Monday, which this year will start at midnight. of 26 November 2018.

In the case of Amazon, the discount period will start very soon: aside from the usual daily promotions that you can find here and on Black Friday itself, Amazon will start rolling out special offers on November 19th! Each promotion will be available 30 minutes in advance exclusively to Amazon prime customers!

Black Friday in Italy

Black Friday, as well as Cyber ​​Monday, are American customs, but they are also gaining ground in Europe. In Italy it is not an "institutionalized event like in the States, but it is still possible to find commercial activities that adhere to the initiative, offering all kinds of discounts and opportunities.

The best discounts are certainly available on online platforms: all e-commerce, in fact, participate in Black Friday.So why not arm yourself with computers and smartphones and not take advantage of them? Here are some ideas: let's start the countdown!

Black Friday offers for clothing

If you are an avid fashion consumer and you want something new in your closet every month, Black Friday is a great opportunity to shop for designer clothes and the latest fashion items! Also, if you are looking for a nice wool coat, a sweater or elegant winter clothes, there is no better time than now to renew your autumn-winter wardrobe! Create now the checklist of your wishes and save the link of this page: here, throughout the week of Black Friday, you will always find new lists with all the best offers available on Amazon.

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Are you impatient? And who are we to judge? Here are some spoilers for you: you will find incredible brands like Replay, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi's, Calvin Klein, Trussardi and Versace.
But if you're even more impatient and can't wait until November 19th, don't worry! In the meantime, you can take advantage of the fashion opportunities that the alfemminile editorial team has recently selected for its readers:

- All Black Friday discounts up to 71% on branded clothing for men, women and children
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Black Friday offers for shoes

Fashion icon Marilyn Monroe said: "Give a woman the right shoes and she will conquer the world." And in our opinion Black Friday is the time to buy trendy shoes! Amazon is preparing special offers for everything. Get ready to find Adidas, Nike and Vans sneakers, Timberland and Dr. Martens ankle boots and super elegant leather autumn shoes!


You will find here the list of items we are creating exclusively for you with all the best shoe deals during Black Friday Amazon! To make your wait easier, look at the list of our articles that will tell you everything about the main autumn-winter 2018-2019 shoe trends (and you will see that many models are already available at promotional prices!)

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- Our top 5 women's running shoes!
- 2019 shoe trends: these are the must-haves for winter

Black Friday offers for accessories

If there is one thing that makes us happier than scapes, it is accessories! Bags, scarves and jewels give, most of the time, that touch of drama that makes our looks more special. We at alfemminile are supreme lovers of this category and we absolutely cannot keep the super deals that are coming thanks to Amazon's Black Friday offers only for ourselves. Among the lists of discounted products we were able to find great brands such as Love Moschino, Furla, Swravski, Calvin Klein, Emporio Armani, Liu Jo, Michael Kors and many others! Just missing ...

- A jewel is forever: the 5 unmissable jewels of Black Friday Week
- All Black Friday Week designer backpacks discounted up to 40%
- 15 bags of major brands for less than 150 euros


Black Friday offers for games and toys

If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for your children or grandchildren, Black Friday is definitely the best time to buy games and toys and we are here to help! And then, let's face it: buying a gift for someone else will relieve us of any possible sense of guilt for buying gifts for ourselves!
In the lists that we will publish here, you will find many gift ideas with the best value for money: a great help considering also the fact that toys are certainly among the most expensive things in Christmas shopping and we certainly cannot disappoint our little ones at Christmas!

If you are in a hurry, don't worry: you can find many flash deals already underway on this Amazon page dedicated to the discounts of the day. Or you can wait for the exclusive Black Friday promotions that Amazon has dedicated to the little ones. Be inspired by our articles with the best Christmas gift ideas for children and take all the notes to ensure the absolute success of your gift!

- Santa Claus is coming: the best of Black Friday discounts on children's favorite toys
- Christmas gifts for children: what to give if they are 1 to 12 years old
- Winter shoes for girls: discover the cutest models of the season
- Rain boots for children: the cutest models on sale on Amazon


Beauty Black Friday offers

We know well that the beauty freaks are waiting for our selections of the best Black Friday offers and our mission and not to disappoint them! The beauty section is one of the strongest on Amazon: if you can already find the best brands of cosmetics at special prices, let alone what will happen on Black Friday!
You will be able to take the opportunity to buy the most sought-after products at super special prices, or you can make a lifetime stock of your favorite products! Don't feel ready? Start by reading the tips we have collected for you and "train" with the flash promotions already available on Amazon on this page dedicated to the offers of the day.

- 5 brand perfumes on offer that you can't miss!
- Gift for him? 5 branded perfumes on offer for Black Friday!
- The best hair removers of Black Friday week: here are the discounted products
- The best pulsed light epilators for less than 200 euros
- Say goodbye to DIY pulsed light waxing!

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Early Childhood Black Friday Deals

Are you a new mother and your budget is limited for the first purchases for your baby? Even if you received a lot of gifts during the baby shower, the babies grow very quickly and therefore the need to renovate the wardrobe is constant. During Black Friday you will be able to find baby items on Amazon at much cheaper prices than in the usual e-commerce. If you are looking for a look for your puppy's first Christmas, or you are looking for a cute and warm winter onesie, this is the time! for babies at very special prices.

- The most beautiful strollers of Black Friday week: special offers and exceptional discounts!
- Special offers for new mothers: the best discounted products of Black Friday week


Black Friday offers of appliances

Leader in the sales of appliances, Amazon offers exceptional discounts and exclusive promotions throughout the year, but we are preparing several items with truly unmissable Black Friday offers! There will be unbeatable prices on refrigerators, washing machines, TVs, vacuum cleaners, coffee machines and many more. surprises!

Read our list of articles with reviews and suggestions of must-have appliances for your home and start creating your whishlist already!

- Unmissable! Save up to 33% on Dyson vacuum cleaners on Black Friday
- The best bagless vacuum cleaner deals on Black Friday
- Save up to 50% on kitchen items with these Black Friday Week deals
- Appliances discounted by 25% or more? Of course! Here is the list of the best deals available on Amazon


Black Friday offers for smartphones

Smartphones are certainly one of the main reasons why we look forward to Black Friday with so much expectation: during this period the discounts are exceptional and can reach up to 50%! The assortment of iPhone, Samsung and Nokia smartphones on offer is incredible and you will surely be able to find your next phone in the wide range of products and brands available on Amazon. more suitable for you, take advantage of the list of articles we have created for you to help you with your choice.

- The smartphone promotions available during Amazon's Black Friday
- Black Friday Week: discover the 10 best Samsung smartphones and their features
- Find your smartphone: from Apple to Samsung, discover the best models available on Amazon
- 5 smartphones on offer for less than € 300 available in Amazon's Black Friday Week


Black Friday offers of high tech products

Not only does a gadget lover live on smartphones: Black Friday comes together with Cyber ​​Monday and brings with it an infinity of unmissable offers. On Amazon you can already find Apple Watch, Macbook, Playstation 4 and several options of iPhone models at fair prices, but with Black Friday we are sure that you will be able to find that "unbeatable deal for which it will be worth waiting for. If you are not exactly a super technological person but you would still like to buy a more updated computer or you are looking for the Playstation 4 to give to your sweetheart, here you will find all the items to "study" to be ready next week!

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- Cheap bluetooth speakers: the exceptional discounts of Black Friday week
- The best on Black Friday discounts on Samsung tablets: find yours!
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- The cinema in your home: all the necessary equipment for your Home Theater


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