L'Oréal Paris is feminine: read the opinions of Re-Moisturizer Age Perfect

The test period of L "Oréal Paris Age Perfect Re-Moisturizing Cream, the first treatment that acts as a fountain of youth for menopausal and post-menopausal skin, has ended.

During this delicate phase of every woman's life, the skin undergoes a loss of estrogen, becomes drier and loses its tone. To curb this process, the L'Oréal Paris laboratories have created The 1st Age Perfect Re-Moisturizing Treatment, with an anti-relaxation and anti-dark spot action.

Its formula based on Soy Peptides helps the epidermis to stimulate the synthesis of the supporting fibers of the skin. The Melanin-Block also helps to visibly reduce dark spots and a UV protection prevents the appearance of new spots.

Day after day, the skin is more nourished, elastic and luminous and the facial features more defined.

But let's see what our testers think that they have tried it in the field!

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"I must say that it really is a great product, it has a pleasant texture and an" unparalleled moisturizing effectiveness. I feel fine all day; the skin no longer stretches, on the contrary, it is more nourished and luminous than usual. The scent of the cream, then, is very delicate! I finally found my cream! "- Morgana767

"The Age Perfect Re-Moisturizing Treatment has a very pleasant scent, leaves the skin soft and radiant. The packaging is also very elegant. I will definitely continue to use this cream and talk about it with my friends and acquaintances. Great product." - Annamaria19259

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"In my opinion, the Age Perfect Re-Moisturizing Treatment by L" oréal Paris is very effective, I have seen changes after just a few applications; my skin feels much more relaxed than before. I think it will be my next purchase!' - Vincenza05

"I am fully satisfied with the product and very happy to have been chosen. I find Age Perfect a real cure-all for mature skin, it spreads easily, and is absorbed in no time! I also used it as a make-up base and the result is perfect state. The scent is also pleasant: delicate and not too strong. " - Giovia

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