How to choose short shorts according to the physique?

Short shorts are the must-have item of this season: comfortable, fresh, but also sexy and perfect for all occasions depending on the style you want to have. We can choose practical and trendy denim shorts, but also shorts in silk or light cotton, perfect with a sandal with a little heel. Combine them with a white t-shirt and colored sneakers to transform us into an assault fashion blogger, or a an open shirtdress to give the look a more elegant twist. To choose the perfect shorts, able to enhance our curves in the right way, we must first understand which one best suits the shape of our body. Let's start from the basics, that is, from the types of body shapes:

Once we understand what the shape of our body is, we can proceed with a little shopping to win our favorite summer shorts!

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For a pear shape, choose shorts that also enhance the bust

If you have a pear-shaped fig, with the butt slightly larger than the upper part of the body, we recommend two moves: o opt for short and tight women's shorts, to enhance the shapes of the B side and give it justice; or you can opt for a high-waisted summer shorts that go down softly and focus attention under the breast, so as to enhance it at the right point. In short, don't hide the curves and play with volumes to enhance the smaller ones.

© Zalando / Miss Selfridge Petite Summer shorts: pear shape

The perfect women's shorts for an apple-shaped body? Not too short

Having a prosperous breast in some cases complicates life and many women tend to hide it, rather than enhance it. If yours is an apple-shaped body, we recommend a slightly longer and softer summer shorts, perhaps with a high waist, for two reasons: 1) to maintain class and elegance, avoiding to show too much; 2) do not divert attention from what mother nature has given you. The goal is not to hide the curves, but to know how to manage them in the best possible way!

© Zalando / Pink Clove Summer shorts: apple shape

For a rectangle physique choose a flared shorts

Flared is the watchword if you have a rectangle body and are looking for the perfect summer shorts. This is because, by doing so, you will create movement between the curves. Choose shorts with a low waist, but not too tight, on the contrary! Opt for something short but lively or flared on the thigh.

© Zalando / Vero Moda Summer shorts: rectangle physique

Soft lines and volumes for an inverted triangle physique

If your shoulders are wider than your hips, fear not: we have the perfect summer shorts for you! Volume and softness, even at a high waist, will allow you to give more shape to the B side, reshaping the lines that start from the waist and go down to the hips. You can choose bright patterns but also monochromatic shorts, even if we remind you that black is running out and is not one of our goals


© Zalando / Vero Moda Summer shorts: inverted triangle physique

Hourglass physicist? Enhance your curves with a sexy or chic shorts!

The hourglass body is synonymous with sensuality and femininity par excellence, which is why the choice of summer shorts can fall into two options, depending on the mood of the day or your personality. The first is that of "stop everyone, here comes the panther", and therefore by choosing shorts, including jeans, that charm the b-side, to be combined with tight-fitting t-shirts or shorter tops. The second, on the other hand, is more on the "stop everyone, here comes the" Hollywood actress ", focusing on lighter fabrics, which come down almost as wide as a skirt. You just have to choose!

© FOREVER 21 Summer shorts: hourglass body

And to highlight your curves, don't forget to choose the right underwear!

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