Weekly horoscope from 27 August to 2 September 2018: black weekend for Scorpio!

Aries: be patient ...

Dear Aries, if things continue to not go exactly for the best with your partner, you should be patient and wait until next week, when the opposition of Venus is over: if you make an impulsive decision now, you may regret it. Meanwhile, focus everything on the days of the moon in conjunction, those of Wednesday and Thursday: they will be very lucky and you could receive some good news or have an interesting meeting ...

Taurus: a lucky weekend!

Dear Taurus, for another week the planet Mercury could create some problems or slowdown: try to be patient (and your sign usually has a lot!), From next week everything will seem simpler and easier to solve, especially if it is of business matters! Meanwhile, enjoy a nice lucky weekend with the moon in the sign. Discover now the three best adjectives to define yourself:

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Gemini: week at the top!

Dear Gemini, make the most of this last week of August, in which the planets give you love and luck. Favorable Venus will make your heart beat faster: whether it is a destined or lasting story or a simple summer adventure, only time can tell ... At work you continue to reap success: particularly lucky will be the days of Wednesday and Thursday, with a beautiful moon ready to come to your rescue.

Cancer: focus on the weekend ...

Dear Cancer, unfortunately also for this week you will have to endure the negative influence of Venus. The planet of love gives you no respite and makes your relationship rather stormy. Be careful not to turn up too much, especially on Wednesdays and Thursdays, when an unfavorable moon could make you even more nervous. Instead, focus everything on the weekend, in which both you and your partner will be more serene.

Leo: take advantage of Mercury!

Dear Leo, a really super month of August is coming to an end for your sign, and this week will not be outdone! Enjoy the last days of Mercury in conjunction: if you have any proposals or requests to make, do not hesitate! You will get favorable answers. The luckiest days to bet on will be those of Wednesday and Thursday. On the weekend, however, you may feel a bit moody, influenced by an unfavorable moon ...

Virgo: opposite moon ...

Dear Virgo, this week, unfortunately, does not open very well for your sign: on Monday and Tuesday you will have to endure the opposition of the moon, which will make you feel decidedly in a bad mood. Do not get anxious: from next week Mercury's entry into your sign will bring many news, one better than the other! Until then enjoy a weekend full of love and fun, with a beautiful favorable moon.

Libra: lucky week!

Dear Libra, this week you will still be able to count on a splendid Venus in conjunction: romance will certainly not be lacking, couples who have been together for some time will make good plans for the future, while the newly born ones will look far beyond summer ... Super - luck also on a professional level: a return full of surprises awaits you. Subdued days those of Wednesday and Thursday.

Scorpio: nervous weekend ...

Dear Scorpio, for another week you will have to endure the disfavor of Mercury, which will create some small hitch. Don't worry: soon a situation that is close to your heart will unlock you, and until then you will want to give yourself a little relaxation, accepting the idea that not everything depends on you! The weekend will be made quite nervous by the opposition of the moon: some tension or misunderstanding may arise between you and your partner.

Sagittarius: a special week!

Dear Sagittarius, the month of August ends really well for you: some of you may have met someone really special (maybe just the right one?) Or simply had a great adventure. The joy and serenity of the last few weeks will continue into this one too, with a beautiful moon that will smile at you on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Some inconvenience will be possible, however, between Monday and Tuesday.

Capricorn: Venus unfavorable ...

Dear Capricorn, for another week you will have to bear Venus in an unfavorable position to your sign: if your couple manages to survive this rather quarrelsome August, it means that it is really destined to last! The most tense days of the week will be Wednesday and Thursday. On the weekend, however, serenity returns. Even if you are on vacation, your head is already at work and the recovery promises good surprises!

Aquarius: hold on!

Dear Aquarius, hold on, it's almost over! Finally from next week, after almost two months of stay, Mercury will change its sign and will no longer be in opposition! Don't lose faith in yourself if you feel like you can't find a solution: soon everything will seem easier to solve. Meanwhile, enjoy the favor of Venus, which gives you so many emotions, especially on the lucky days of Wednesday and Thursday.

Pisces: Come on!

Dear Pisces, your week opens with a splendid moon in the sign on Monday and Tuesday: it will be two days full of luck, in which you can expect some nice surprises. Even the weekend will be all about feeling and passion: if you are in a couple, you and your partner will feel closer than ever, while single women could have meetings not to be forgotten ... Come on and don't be afraid to show your feelings!

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