Little used contraception

These are the results that emerged from the first research on emergency contraception (EC), presented in Venice as part of the 15th World Congress on Human Reproduction and carried out by the research institute BVA Healthcare for HRA Pharma on over 7 thousand women in five European countries - 1,234 sexually active Italians interviewed.

Another significant figure shows how, despite 7 out of 10 women consider emergency contraception a responsible choice, many still have confused ideas and do not know what effects it has, what risks and what its mechanisms of action are. And there are also those who believe it can cause infertility or that it was conceived for teenagers during their first sexual intercourse.

Quite worrying data, which testify to a still considerable level of disinformation in a country where there is a 33% of unwanted pregnancies which, in 50% of cases, translate into voluntary abortions.

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