Weekly horoscope from 18 to 24 February 2019: hot week for the earth signs!

Aries: don't pull the rope too hard ...

Dear Aries, be careful not to pull too hard with your partner ... Venus in an unfavorable position does not facilitate communication in your life as a couple and quarrels and discussions are just around the corner! Pay attention especially to the nervous days of Friday and Saturday, when the moon will be in opposition to your sign. Good news on the other hand in the workplace: between Monday and Tuesday you may receive good news!

Taurus: lots of energy!

Dear Taurus, yours will be a week of great strength, in which you will feel full of energy! Thanks to this positive attitude, you will be able to overcome the difficulties that will arise, especially in the workplace, between Monday and Tuesday. Sunday is also likely to be a bit nervous day, due to the opposing moon. Favorable Venus, on the other hand, protects your relationship and gives you a lot of passion and complicity with your partner!

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Gemini: Long live Mercury!

Dear Gemelli, your week will be excellent from the point of view of relationships and encounters: Mercury, which is your planet, will help you better manage professional relationships and you will easily collect consents and success, especially on Monday, Tuesday It's Friday. On the other hand, something could go differently from what you had predicted in the unfavorable moon days, namely those of Tuesday and Wednesday.

Cancer: relationship problems ...

Dear Cancer, you will finally feel stronger and more confident in your goals this week. Unfortunately, the opposition of Saturn continues to give you a hard time and the days of Fridays and Saturdays in particular are likely to be quite nervous ... Pay particular attention to the sentimental sphere: the opposite Venus continues to create problems in your life as a couple. Check now that your partner does not belong to a sign led to cheating ...

Leo: Mercury opposite ...

Dear Leone, Mercury's opposition will make itself felt this week: blockages or misunderstandings with bosses and colleagues may occur in the workplace. Furthermore, unfavorable Mars risks making you feel more tired and stressed than usual ... Bet everything on Monday and Tuesday, when you can count on a beautiful moon in conjunction, ready to give you that extra bit of luck that in this period you particularly serves!

Virgo: a peaceful week!

Dear Virgo, this will be a week of great serenity for you. You will have the planet Venus on your side, ready to give you all the joys and pleasures of life as a couple (and for singles, some encounters that will make your heart beat faster ...). Mars gives you physical well-being and energy, while a super-moon in conjunction will illuminate the two lucky days of Wednesday and Thursday. There may be an opportunity to be seized!

Libra: talk to him!

Dear Libra, Venus unfavorable this week is likely to make you nervous! Do not try at all costs to avoid a fight with your partner: if you have something to discuss, better to speak openly, it will help you understand. Face it on Friday and Saturday, when the moon in conjunction will give you greater serenity! Good news, however, in the workplace: Monday and Tuesday will be two lucky days.

Scorpio: Sunday of passion!

Dear Scorpio, the opposition of Mars is starting to make itself felt: this week you risk feeling tired both psychologically and physically, especially on Mondays and Tuesdays, when the moon will also be in an unfavorable position. Better, however, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but especially on Sunday, which will be all in the name of passion and romance! Favorable Venus is ready to give you beautiful emotions.

Sagittarius: in search of new emotions ...

Dear Sagittarius, Favorable Mercury this week will help you achieve good results, especially in the workplace. Monday, Tuesday and Friday will be days full of surprises, in which your goals will seem much closer to you. Attention instead to the nervous days of Wednesday and Thursday, when the unfavorable moon could create some unexpected ... On the front of the feelings you will feel the need for new emotions.

Capricorn: queen of hearts!

Dear Capricorn, you continue to be the queen of hearts of the zodiac in this period: love smiles at you and gives you emotions that you haven't felt for a long time. If you've been in a relationship for a long time, you and your partner may decide to take a step forward. Super-lucky days of Wednesday and Thursday, when the moon will act in your favor. Even in the workplace you can take steps forward: small, perhaps, but important!

Aquarius: opposite moon ...

Dear Aquarius, your week does not start in the right way: on Monday and Tuesday you will have the moon in opposition and it will seem that everything goes wrong! Don't worry, these are temporary inconveniences: Mercury in conjunction guarantees you success and you could have important meetings for your future already on Friday and Saturday ... An unfavorable Mars could make you feel a little extra tired.

Pisces: don't worry!

Dear Pisces, do not be afraid of your feelings: you are someone who puts all of herself in relationships and it is for this reason that you often risk suffering. Don't change one iota: Venus in this period is ready to protect you and to give you only beautiful emotions! Pay attention to the days of Wednesday and Thursday, when the moon in opposition could create some tension in the family or at work. A lot of luck, however, on Sunday.

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