Weekly horoscope from 15 to 21 October 2018: hold on, Torelle!

Aries: a nervous start ...

Dear Aries, your week begins not exactly at its best: on Monday and Tuesday a moon in an unfavorable position will make you feel a little bad mood and those around you would do well not to press you so as not to increase your nervousness ... On the other hand However, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be three days of great recovery, in which there will be no lack of news and emotions. In love, your generosity will be rewarded.

Taurus: a difficult month ...

Dear Taurus, the month of October will not be easy for your sign and this week proves it: with Mercury and Venus in opposition there will be moments of difficulty, both at home and at work. The hardest days will be those of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, when you will have to fight even against an unfavorable moon. Best between Saturday and Sunday. If you frequent a sign that leads to betrayal, be on your guard ...

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Gemini: how boring!

Dear Gemini, this week the risk will be to get bored! Especially on Mondays and Tuesdays, you will feel a certain lack of stimuli and you could make some impulsive gestures just for the sake of "moving the waters" ... your sign just can't stand monotony! Wednesday, Thursday and Friday you will have a beautiful moon on your side to bring you luck, while Saturday and Sunday risk being days of tension ...

Cancer: opposite moon ...

Dear Cancer, do not get upset if on Monday and Tuesday everything seems to go wrong: it is the fault of the moon in opposition! In the following days the situation will improve significantly and, between Saturday and Sunday, you will find yourself experiencing some really special moments.Venus is on your side and gives serenity and passion to your relationship, while Mercury favors work issues and creates new opportunities.

Leo: quarrels and misunderstandings ...

Dear Leo, this will not be a great week for your sign ... unfortunately the disfavor of Mercury will create obstacles in your path, making your social life and your relationships at work complicated. This is not the right time to start new businesses. Even on the sentimental front you could run into quarrels and misunderstandings. The worst days, with the opposite moon, will be those of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Virgo: a great week!

Dear Virgo, a peaceful week awaits you, in which there will be good news, especially on the lucky days of Mondays and Tuesdays. Mercury helps you solve problems at work and find the right contacts to carry out your projects. Venus, for its part, makes your love life full and exciting. Pay attention, however, to the days of Saturday and Sunday, when the opposite moon will make you feel in a bad mood!

Libra: everything works out!

Dear Libra, yours will be an overall peaceful week, without major shocks. The best days will be those of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, when a favorable moon will support your work projects and will give you beautiful emotions in terms of feelings. Mondays and Tuesdays will be a little more nervous, when something may not go exactly as you hoped. Nothing serious, however, everything will be resolved for the best!

Scorpio: super week!

Dear Scorpio, you are the undisputed queen of the month of October and this week she will prove it to you! You have both the planet Venus and the planet Mercury in your sign: there will certainly be twists and turns in every area of ​​your life, from work to sentimental one. Singles will have breathtaking encounters, while those who are already in a couple will rediscover all the pleasure of passion. Super days: Saturday and Sunday.

Sagittarius: moments of reflection ...

Dear Sagittarius, in this period the stars invite you to reflect on your life and your plans. Some of you may feel that you are following a path that is not for you. The days of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, with a beautiful lucky moon, will help you understand what you want and move in that direction. Attention instead on Saturday and Sunday: some tension could arise with the partner or in the family.

Capricorn: romance and luck!

Dear Capricorn, this week the stars are smiling at you! Get off to a great start with a beautiful moon conjunct Monday and Tuesday - you may get that answer you've been waiting for, or some unexpected good news. Love proceeds at full speed: you have a partner next to you willing to do everything for you and you will soon notice. Saturday and Sunday will be two days full of romance, not to be forgotten!

Aquarius: the moon takes care of it!

Dear Aquarius, October is not a lucky month for your sign. Unfortunately both Venus and Mercury have turned their backs on you. The moon will take care of it, however, to lighten the situation and give you three really lucky days - Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - in which you will finally be able to find the dialogue with your partner and / or resolve any outstanding issues at work. If you have some new project in mind, it is better to postpone it until better times.

Pisces: a super weekend!

Dear Pisces, once again love is the great protagonist of your days! Venus acts in your favor and fills your life with emotion and heartbeat. Singles should look around well, because they could have lucky encounters, especially on weekends. In fact, Saturday and Sunday will be two really super days, with a splendid moon in conjunction, ready to favor the birth of new loves and great passions.

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