Just ring! What is engagement piercing? The new fashion that is depopulating

Do we swear eternal love? Let's do it with a piercing! "Just put the diamond on my finger and let's not talk about it anymore!" In short, the hashtags #fingerpiercing and #engagementpiercing on Instagram have already had some success. But where do we leave them millions of years of engagement ring stories? Watch the video:

The pros of engagement piercing

In view of the never few expenses for a fairytale wedding, those who choose the engagement piercing save money compared to the classic ring, and above all have the certainty that they will never lose the precious object! This is not only a source of peace of mind, especially for the most distracted and messy, but also a further form of long-time savings!

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The cons of ring finger piercing

From a medical point of view, dermatologists warn about the dangerous risk of dermal piercing, due to the infections it could cause. Another disadvantage is the rather painful insertion, as it is usually carried out without any type of anesthesia. Last against, but not so last, is the removal factor: if the love ends, the piercing is difficult to remove. Is it really worth it?

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The stars always prefer an engagement jewel that is worthy of the name, take a look:

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