Weekly horoscope from 13 to 19 August 2018: Mars returns to Capricorn!

Aries: bad days ...

Dear Aries, you will have to have a lot of patience this week, because unfortunately there will be no bad days. Venus in opposition makes your love life complicated and it will be easy for furious quarrels to break out with your partner, especially on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when the moon is also opposite! So try to stay calm and wait for the weather to become less tense over the weekend. Yes day: Sunday.

Taurus: obstacles at work ...

Dear Taurus, your week is likely to be quite heavy, especially if you are not on vacation! The days of Thursday and Friday, with the moon in opposition and the disfavor of Mercury, risk making you very nervous. At work you may encounter unforeseen obstacles and, in general, you will have some difficulty in making your arguments stand true. Then bet everything on Monday, when the moon will act in your favor.

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Gemini: how many emotions!

Dear Gemelli, this is going to be a truly exceptional week for you! Both Venus and Mercury are on your side: you will be surrounded by affection and admiration. At work there will be beautiful surprises and acts of esteem, while on the sentimental front you will experience truly exciting moments, especially on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The only flaw of the week will be Sunday, when the moon in opposition will make you a little nervous.

Cancer: Opposite Mars ...

Dear Cancer, this week unfortunately the planet Mars will return in opposition to your sign, causing you a little extra fatigue and a general lack of energy. Venus also puts you to the test, accentuating the tensions between you and your partner. The best days of the week will be those of Friday and Saturday, the worst those of Tuesday and Wednesday. Discover now the three best adjectives to describe yourself:

Leone: top week!

Dear Leone, this week will be a great recovery for you: without Mars in opposition you will feel stronger and more aggressive than ever! Mercury in the sign will continue to give you an intense social life and good satisfactions at work, while a favorable Venus will strengthen your relationship, flooding your days with love and passion: what more could you ask for? Top days: Tuesday and Wednesday. Some unexpected events, however, between Thursday and Friday.

Virgo: lucky moon!

Dear Virgo, your week starts with a really super day: on Monday the moon will be in conjunction with your sign and luck will turn on your side! Equally lucky will be the days of Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Mars has returned to smile at you and thanks to him you will recover physical strength and energy.Your love life will also be rewarded this week: just be careful not to give in to your partner's provocations on a slightly nervous day on Sunday ...

Libra: strong emotions!

Dear Libra, with Venus in your sign your summer of passion can finally begin: you will be so seductive that you can conquer anyone you want, so don't hesitate and make the first move! The best days of the week will be those of Tuesday and Wednesday, when the moon in your sign will give you very strong emotions. Favorable Mercury facilitates dating and ensures an intense social life. You will have a lot of fun!

Scorpio: Mars returns to smile at you!

Dear Scorpio, this week finally the planet Mars returns to be favorable to you and, despite the difficulties you will face, you will be able to feel more rested and energized. Unfavorable Mercury continues to create obstacles for you both in the family and at work. Then focus on the days of Thursday, Friday and Saturday, when the moon will be in conjunction with your sign and will give you all the luck you need.

Sagittarius: lucky encounters!

Dear Sagittarius, except for Monday which will be quite nervous, the stars predict a very lucky week for your sign! You will have both Venus and Mercury on your side: there will be interesting encounters that could be about love or work. Singles, if they do not intend to remain so, bet everything on Sunday, when a beautiful moon in conjunction could reserve them some nice surprises ...

Capricorn: welcome back, Mars!

Dear Capricorn, this week the planet Mars returns to your sign and is ready to give you a lot of energy, making you feel all its support. It will be especially useful for overcoming the pains of love which, inevitably, these days will be accentuated due to the disfavor of Venus ... The most difficult days from this point of view will be those of Tuesday and Wednesday. Much better on weekends.

Aquarius: long live the love!

Dear Aquarius, your week will be all about feeling: favorable Venus helps you to compensate for the difficulties of the opposition of Mercury, giving you the comfort and understanding you need thanks to the proximity of someone very special. The most exciting and passionate days will be those with a favorable moon: Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday. Obstacles in the workplace are possible between Thursday and Friday.

Pisces: energy recovery!

Dear Pisces, finally the favor of Mars helps you to recover your psycho-physical energies, after a period that - especially on the sentimental front - has put you to the test. Those who find themselves having to overcome a breakup will now be able to regain strength and balance. Monday risks being a bit hard due to the opposing moon: wait for Thursday, Friday and Saturday and you will see that the sky will smile back at you.

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