The Horoscope for March 2019: lots of love for the air signs!

Aries: what a month!

Dear Aries, the month of March is going to be a really great month for your sign! In fact, you can count on the favor of Venus who, until day 26, will be on your side. The planet of love will give you beautiful emotions. The long-standing stories will have the opportunity to rediscover the passion, while those born recently will set the right conditions for a beautiful future together! But it will be above all the workplace that will be favored, especially in the second half of the month, when Mercury will come together: this planet will give you opportunities to take on the fly. Find out immediately which are the three most suitable adjectives to describe your sign:

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Taurus: Mars in conjunction!

Dear Taurus, the month of March for your sign will be a month of great strength and recovery. In fact, you can count on a splendid Mars in conjunction. This planet will help you feel fitter than ever, ready to win every battle both in the business and sentimental fields! And above all it will be the latter that will create some problems for you ... unfortunately, in fact, until day 26, the planet Venus will be in an unfavorable position. Discussions with the partner, tensions and, above all, moments of misunderstanding are expected. Fortunately, the last days of the month will bring peace ... At work, however, good news will arrive by the 13th.

Gemini: don't get stuck ...

Dear Gemelli, in this beautiful March at the gates it will be better for your sign not to dwell too much on work issues in the first part of the month, especially if you are experiencing problems with bosses and colleagues or you believe that your merits are not sufficiently recognized: until day 13 it is better to be silent, the second half of the month will bring the desired results and will give you the right satisfaction. In love, Venus will be in a favorable position until day 26: you will experience days full of passion and even newly born couples will have the opportunity to feel stronger and more united, strengthening their bond in a short time.

Cancer: a little respite!

Dear Cancer, after two rather tormented months, the month of March comes to give you some respite. Mars in a favorable position will help you regain your energy and feel more energized both physically and psychologically. Love will only be favored in the last part of the month, but even earlier you will be able to metabolize the crisis of the last period and feel better, first of all with yourself. At work, you should bet everything on the first part of the month: up to day 13, in fact, you can count on the support of Mercury, which will give you great opportunities. From 13 onwards, however, you may find some obstacles in your path ...

Leo: heart problems ...

Dear Leo, unfortunately the month of March will not be easy for your sign, especially from the point of view of feelings. Until day 26, in fact, you will have to endure Venus in opposition. Your relationship will be severely tested - you may even end up experiencing a breakup.The fragile stories will hardly survive this moment of crisis, while the stronger ones will experience it as a challenge and will emerge as winners! All this arguing, however, will make you rather stressed and tired, also thanks to an unfavorable Mars ... Good news, however, in the workplace, especially in the second half of the month.

Virgo: no head shots!

Dear Virgo, March will certainly not be the ideal month for your sign to make head shots: it is true that Virgo always tends to be very rational, but sometimes she happens to react in the opposite way and make rash decisions. Unfortunately, the planet Mercury in opposition until day 13, together with the disfavor of Jupiter, invites you to try to keep as much as possible what you already have rather than launching yourself into new enterprises that, at the moment, could hardly obtain the success you hope for, at least in the first half of the month. Favorable Mars, on the other hand, gives you strength and health, giving you all the energy you need to never give up!

Libra: impossible to resist!

Dear Libra, spring is approaching and with it also the infamous awakening of the senses ... March will be a month for your sign all in the name of passion! Favorable Venus until day 26 will make you more attractive and seductive than ever: it will be really difficult to resist your charm. Singles will have lucky encounters, especially possible in the first part of the month. Unfortunately, the working front is not so lucky ... starting from day 13 you will have to deal with the opposition of Mercury: this planet will bring some more obstacles in your path to overcome, especially if you do a job in close contact with others .

Scorpio: a heavy month ...

Dear Scorpio, your month of March, unfortunately, will be a bit heavy to bear. It will be a month characterized by severe fatigue and psycho-physical stress, accentuated by the planet Mars in opposition. As if that weren't enough, Venus will also get to give you a hard time: your romantic relationships will be rather tormented and the discussions with your partner will be on the agenda, at least until the 26th ... the last days of the month, fortunately, will see a definite improvement. Fortunate, however, the work sector: the first half of March will bring good results and good results, even if there will be busy days.

Sagittarius: the protagonist is love!

Dear Sagittarius, in this month of March the real protagonist for your sign will be love! In fact, you will be able to count on an excellent aspect of the planet Venus until day 26: you and your partner will launch into new fantastic adventures and you could also make some important decisions ... At work, however, the second half of the month will be favored above all. Until day 13, in fact, unfavorable Mercury could create some obstacle or block to your projects. After that date, however, you will be able to recover and, also thanks to a beautiful Jupiter in conjunction, success will really be around the corner ...

Capricorn: it could be better ...

Dear Capricorn, the month of March will certainly not be an unforgettable month for your sign, but - let's face it - you've seen worse! In this case it will be above all the planet Mercury to put a spoke in the wheel in the professional field, and you are one who cares a lot about the career! Bet everything then on the first half of the month, more fortunate than the second: up to day 13, in fact, you may have opportunities not to be missed. In love, however, you will experience moments of flat calm: will you not be too focused on chasing success? Fortunately, Venus returns to smile at you from day 26.

Aquarius: Venus in the sign!

Dear Aquarius, great news: March will be the month of love for your sign! Venus, in fact, will remain in conjunction until the 26th, giving you almost a whole month of passion and feeling. It will be a really favorable time for singles, who will be able to meet a special person with whom to start an important relationship. Those who are already in a couple, on the other hand, will see their relationship become stronger and more secure than before. At work, excellent news will arrive in the second half of the month, when relations with bosses and colleagues will be favored. The only drawback: unfavorable Mars, which will create some moments of decline and fatigue.

Pisces: an important month!

Dear Pisces, the month of March will be important for your sign: many confirmations will arrive and, especially in the workplace, you will take giant steps! Mercury, in fact, will remain in conjunction for the entire first part of the month, giving you opportunities to which you will not be able to say no. Above all, the meetings will be decisive, and this in every area, even in the sentimental one! You may know a person who at first will simply leave you a little curious, but with whom a real love story could be born in the last days of the month! Not surprisingly, from the 26th Venus will enter your sign, promising you a spring full of love.

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