August 2018 Horoscope: lots of love for air signs!

Aries: an eventful month!

Dear Aries, the month of August - at least in theory - should be quiet and restful, yet there won't be a moment of peace for your sign! There will be no shortage of commitments, meetings, opportunities, and with Mercury on your side for the whole month you can count on a truly full and exciting social life. Of course, you will feel a little tired, especially starting from day 12, when the planet Mars will take an unfavorable position to your sign ... But, above all, heart problems will make you suffer: from day 6 a Venus in opposition will accentuate the conflicts and the risk will be to fight every two by three ...

Taurus: in search of relaxation ...

Dear Toro, since July you have found yourself having to face more than one problem in the workplace. Unfortunately, even the month of August will not give you respite from this point of view: the lucky ones who are going on vacation take the opportunity to disconnect and relax as much as possible, from September everything will be easier. Love will be favored especially in the first part of the month, when Venus will give you beautiful emotions. Then, starting from day 12, you will be able to count on the favor of Mars: if the last few weeks have tired you a lot, precisely from a physical point of view, now you can experience a moment of recovery and recover your energy in the best possible way.

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Gemini: many surprises!

Dear Gemini, the month of August for your sign will be full of surprises! The planets will be on your side and give you weeks of great fun. Venus, starting from day 6, will again be favorable to you, and all the problems with your partner that have complicated your life in the last period will find a solution. Singles will make really interesting encounters. Mercury, for its part, will guarantee you an intense social life, full of adventures, while - for those who will be at work - good news or promotions may arrive. The first ten days of the month will be the most energized. Find out immediately with us which are the best adjectives to describe yourself:

Cancer: Opposite Mars ...

Dear Cancer, unfortunately the month of August, for your sign, looks rather heavy ... Starting from day 12, the planet Mars will enter into opposition and you will feel a certain psychophysical fatigue. Try as much as possible to give yourself moments of relaxation. Above all, it will be the sentimental front that will create some stress for you: starting from day 6, Venus will become unfavorable to your sign and the risk will be that of experiencing moments of strong tension with your partner. The nervousness risks skyrocketing especially in the second half of the month: some of you may even break up, if you and your partner are unable to meet you ...

Leo: a super month!

Dear Leone, another really super month awaits you! Starting from day 6, the planet Venus will again be favorable to your sign, guaranteeing you a decidedly hot summer! Couples will grow stronger and stronger, while singles will have the opportunity to have fun… certainly there will be interesting encounters! Mercury will continue to be in conjunction throughout the month and, for those of you who will be at work, some good news and recognition are expected. The only sore point is the disfavor of Mars which, until day 12, will make you feel rather fatigued and tired. Don't worry: the second part of the month will be all about recovering energy and relaxation.

Virgo: a clear month!

Dear Virgo, the month of August for your sign will be decidedly peaceful, without big peaks or big surprises, but - all in all - relaxing and pleasant. Venus will remain in your sign until day 6, guaranteeing stability and passion for your relationship: for the rest of the month, you will still be able to enjoy the benefits of this planet's passage in conjunction and even the most quarrelsome couples will give each other respite and enjoy some good times. relaxing holidays. Starting from day 12, then, Mars will return to smile at you and you will feel much more energetic and vital. Quiet days are expected at work, in which you will be able to manage everything without too much stress.

Libra: welcome, Venus!

Dear Libra, I have great news for you: this month you will be the luckiest sign in love! In fact, starting from day 6, the planet Venus will enter into conjunction and you will be able to enjoy the weeks of great passion and feeling. If in the last period you have had any doubts about your relationship, you will finally be able to see clearly. Singles could have interesting encounters, destined to last well over a summer ... Even on the business front, August has some nice surprises and good results in store for you - if you haven't gone on vacation yet. But be careful not to get too tired in the second half of the month ...

Scorpio: a little bit of stress ...

Dear Scorpio, unfortunately this month of August your sign will have to endure the unfavorable position of Mercury, which will make relations with family, friends and colleagues more complicated. The risk is that you may feel quite alone and little understood by those around you, and this will cause you some stress, especially in the first half of the month. Fortunately, starting from day 12, Mars will act in your favor and will give you that extra energy you need to face every obstacle with your head held high. If difficulties arise at work, in the end you will be the winner. For the feelings, the best part of August will be the first.

Sagittarius: a month of celebration!

Dear Sagittarius, the month of August for your sign has many great satisfactions and surprises in store! Are you ready to experience a truly exciting summer full of adventures? Starting from day 6, Venus will return to smile at you, putting an end to a long period of quarrels and misunderstandings. Singles will finally be able to start looking around again… Mercury will favor meetings, both on the sentimental and on the working front: if you are not on vacation, good results could come. For those who will be out enjoying their holidays, there will be days of relaxation in which you will be surrounded by friends in a real party atmosphere! Mars will give you energy to spare, especially in the first part of the month.

Capricorn: welcome back, Mars!

Dear Capricorn, unfortunately the month of August will bring some more tension in your love life. In the last period you have managed to achieve a certain serenity and a beautiful balance that now, starting from day 6, you will have to question. In most cases, however, it will not be a deep crisis, but simply a few more doubts and communication difficulties ... nothing that, with a little good will, you will not be able to overcome! The good news is that, starting from day 12, the planet Mars will return to your sign: thanks to its positive influence you will be able to feel stronger, charged and ready to face any difficulty.

Aquarius: good and bad news ...

Dear Aquarius, the month of August has good and bad news in store for you. Let's start with the bad one? Unfortunately, the planet Mercury will continue its harsh opposition towards you: in order for the complicated situations you are experiencing (especially in the family or at work) to be unlocked, you will have to wait for the month of September. The good news, however, is that from day 6 Venus will begin to act in your favor: all the difficulties experienced as a couple in the last period will be overcome and you will be able to experience a month of emotions, with a great return of passion! The first part of August will be the best, in which you can count on the positive influence of Mars, ready to give you an edge.

Pisces: a sigh of relief!

Dear Pisces, the month of August - finally - brings good news for your sign: the planet Venus, starting from day 6, will no longer be in opposition! Some of you, in the month of July, may have experienced a very serious relationship crisis, which - in some cases - even resulted in a breakup. Now you will be able to find peace of mind, whether it is to reconnect with your partner, or to start from scratch, putting yourself and your needs first. Starting from day 12, then, a nice recovery on a physical level is also expected, with Mars that will favor your sign and help you get back into shape and give yourself all the relaxation you deserve.

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