Iron: which one to choose?

The iron: Sure, it's not at the top of your wish list, but it's a necessary expense for your home.
Often, among all the existing models and brands, choosing one is really a problematic and laborious process.
Furthermore, when we do not have a great interest in buying something, we tend to spend as little time as possible at the moment of shopping and in doing so, we run the risk of making a wrong choice and regretting it at the first use!

That's why we recommend that you search for the right flat iron online! First of all because you will not be subject to shop opening hours, but also because your new iron will be delivered directly to your home!

Here is the perfect buying guide for your new iron that will help you choose the model that best suits your needs and your home.

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How many are you in the house?

It may seem irrelevant, but the number of people in the house can make your choice easier.
If you are alone or at the most as a couple, an iron without a boiler will also work well.

Irons without boiler

Irons without a boiler have an internal tank that usually does not exceed 300 ml of capacity. Ideal not only when there are few people but also when there is not much space in the house. It will require a nook to store and you won't need a large plank to hold up the boiler.

Cons: if your basket of clothes to be ironed is full, despite the limited number of people, you will soon get tired because you will have to fill the tank very often and above all because having the boiler inside, it weighs a little more than the irons. ironing with the external boiler.

Braun TS715 Texstyle

An excellent example of an iron with a built-in tank is this TexStyle 7 steam iron, by Braun stands out for its high quality ironing even in the most difficult to reach areas. Its powerful steam jet is ideal for removing creases from fabrics for perfect results. The high quality Eloxal soleplate ensures great resistance to scratches and excellent smoothness. Excellent performance thanks to the 2300 W of power supplied by the three active areas, which make it light and fast.

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Iron with boiler

For large families, or if you tend to accumulate whole baskets of clothes to be ironed or if you have some space, an excellent investment is an iron with boiler.

Cons: It is rather bulky and costs on average more than irons without a boiler, but it has much more autonomy and you hardly need to fill the tank.

The importance of the brand

The most popular brands are always among the best sellers both online and in physical stores. Because?
Even if the market offers dozens of similar products in quality and characteristics, relying on a historical brand is a real guarantee of purchase, thanks to the efficient customer care services after the purchase.
If you intend to experiment with a new product that is perhaps less known but cheaper, make sure that the brand has a good return and maintenance policy.

Philips FastCare Compact

Advanced technology, efficiency, reliability. Everything in this Philips steam generator iron. It has an adjustable thermostat and uses ProVelocity technology with pump and heating plate. Despite the presence of the boiler, its dimensions are compact. Thanks to the 110 g / min continuous steam and the 200 g steam boost it allows an effective, fast and powerful ironing. It also has a Smart Calc-Clean intelligent descaling system.
Its ceramic plate will respect even the most delicate garments but you have to be careful: compared to those in steel, it is much more delicate!

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The practicality of the vertical iron

Are you trying to iron as little as possible? How to blame you, but unfortunately for some items it is necessary.
This is why it is always good to have an iron at home, but an excellent alternative to a traditional iron could be the vertical iron.

Small, practical, fast and above all portable: say goodbye to crumpled clothes in your suitcase!

Ariete 4167 Vertical Ironer

A real breakthrough: the vertical ironer ready in seconds for quick touch-ups with the stainless steel soleplate, removable and easy-to-fill tank and supplied accessories such as the lint brush and the bristle brush for all types of fabrics. You can take it with you anywhere and if you choose to keep it at home, you will need neither space for the iron nor that for the board.


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