Tips for not being manipulated

Trust your intuition

The best weapon to avoid being influenced is trust in yourself and in your instincts! Before blindly following others, listen to your inner voice: it allows you to relativize and understand what your true opinion is. The decisions are up to you alone, you are the most competent to know what you want or what is best for you.

Accept your differences

It is useless to want to look like some ideal model at all costs: your sister that everyone adores, the colleague everyone admires for her professional achievements, the friend who attracts all the attention ... Stop feeling inferior, you too have yours you're good, you just don't stress them enough (and often don't even realize you have them). Wake up the tiger in you! You too, like everyone, have something special that makes you different and… unique!

Start by listening to yourself to understand what you really want. Before taking the opinions of others at face value, value your qualities and reclaim your ideas.

Impose yourself

We all tend to underestimate ourselves and accept what is imposed on us by people we admire and who, unconsciously, manipulate us. Get out of this pattern! Knowing how to matter and say no when needed will attract the respect of those around you. Refusing yet another favor with a firm and decisive tone, without aggression but without seeking excuses is much more valuing, but to do so you must realize that you cannot please everyone.

Beware of "no" days

There are days when you are more tired and therefore more vulnerable to pressure and therefore you risk getting involved in the subterfuges of your colleagues or saying yes to everything and everyone. In these cases, escaping is the best solution! Avoid making statements that you don't agree with and that you risk regretting right away. Be consistent with yourself and don't feel inferior!

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