The Top 10 of the best asphalt running shoes

Colorful, very comfortable, indispensable asphalt running shoes

The most popular shoes for athletes, in the brightest colors.
Designed to make your run stress-free. Cushioned, indestructible, reinforced, perfect for those who run on the street or on dirt roads, without limits. These three models are for real runners. Strap them on and get ready to fly on the asphalt.

Mizuno Wave, Asics Gel-Excite or BrooksAduro 3. What are your favorites?

1.Mizuno Wave Ultima WOS

Among the best running shoes. Beautiful colors of this model.
The special U4iC midsole guarantees 30% more comfort and the additions on the heel add cushioning to the shoe, compared to the latest models. In short, always better. To try!

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2.ASICS Gel-Excite 4

This Asics model is known and loved by runners because it has patented the "Asics Gel System, based on a special type of silicone that is able to cushion, without causing trauma and preventing any shock. The gel particles are placed in strategic points of the "midsole to make more positions and functions possible.

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3.BrooksAduro 3

Lightweight and eco-friendly with their revolutionary resistant and degradable BioMoGo midsole.
The breathable mesh upper will make them pleasant to wear even on the hottest days.
A shoe for running enthusiasts, at an affordable price and very high performance!

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Feminine, versatile, super cool: find your running shoes!

Running shoes are not only used for running, but are also perfect for those who go to the gym or even for those who want to wear them with jeans to escape from one end of the city to another.
These four models are perfect for both sport in general and for all women who want to be comfortable during the day.
Adidas, Puma or New Balance: which brand will steal your heart?

4.Adidas Energy Cloud 2 W

Born for street racing but so cool that you want to wear them even under jeans.
Adidas is always a guarantee when it comes to sports.
A light model, which allows natural movements, without constraints.

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5.Puma Carson 2 X Knit Wn "s

The design of Puma's Carson are a clear reference to versatility.
Also perfect with a casual or even classic style (try them under the blazer)!
We very much appreciated the knitted pattern of the upper, which gives the impression of protecting us on cold winter mornings, when the city wakes up and you are ready to beat your record.

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6.New Balance W420v4

A shoe for runners, perfect for those looking for comfort and stability.
The sole will firmly wrap your foot while still leaving room for the toes to move and without ever giving you that annoying sensation of constriction.
Also excellent in everyday life, to give freshness and comfort to a total black look.

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7.New Balance 490v4

In addition to running, you will love this shoe, super feminine and flexible, especially if you are fitness addicted.
Perfect for training in the gym, where the secure grip of the sole and the softness of the fit will allow you to finish all your sets. Suitable for all exercises, the cushioning on the heel will prevent you from getting hurt, both when you run on road and during twists and push-ups in the tool room.

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Healthy is trendy: look at the models that go with everything!

If until a few years ago, it was not even imaginable, now almost all women no longer want to give up the comfort of running shoes even when they are not in gymnastic gear. Trend setters agree too.
Running shoes with a skirt? Yup!

8.NIKE Ashin Modern

A very delicate peach color for an ultra resistant shoe.
The giant of sportswear, Nike offers a model that will make us fly during the race, thanks to its ability to cushion the landing and which at the same time, lends itself to any outfit. Try it with a short black dress and highlight your legs shaped by running!

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9.Adidas Galaxy 4

Here is one of those shoes that save our lives on vacation, when it is not possible to carry thousands of models with us in a small suitcase.
Perfect for your morning run but also for day hikes. Performing and resistant, they will be your best friends on vacation and in the city.

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10.NIKE Wmns Viale

These Nikes aren't just beautiful and perfect with whatever you wear.
But their reinforced foam sole allows, despite the softness of the upper, to leave all the annoying debris (pebbles, pieces of glass) outside, preventing you from hurting your foot. What's better?


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