Arab waxing: how to prepare it at home? Recipe, doses and ingredients of oriental wax

Arab waxing, unlike cold depilatory strips or hot wax traditionally intended, is made with sugar, water and lemon, and in some cases - to make it even more delicate - its recipe also includes the addition of honey.Contrary to other methods of definitive hair removal, such as pulsed light or laser, Arab wax does not weaken the hair follicles or prevent hair regrowth, on the other hand, with this oriental technique, the legs remain smooth for about three weeks and the skin , thanks to honey and sugar, it is soft as silk. Another great advantage is the fact of not having to use strips of cotton or paper to eliminate it: with oriental wax it is enough to create a ball that you work directly with your hands. Moreover - very important - thanks to its ingredients, it is delicate, allowing you to feel a little less pain than traditional waxes.

Currently there is ready-made Arab waxing on the market, but the simplicity of the recipe and the easy availability of the ingredients, combined with the very limited costs, leads to a preference for a more practical and comfortable do-it-yourself.

DIY Arabic waxing: recipe, ingredients and exact doses to make it at home!

Being based on natural ingredients, Arabian wax can be easily made at home: the recipe is quite simple and not at all demanding, as well as being very economical. Here are exact doses and ingredients for a perfect DIY Arabic wax:

1 glass of sugar
1/2 lemon
1 small glass of water
1 tablespoon of salt
(2 tablespoons of honey)

Pour the water and sugar into a non-stick saucepan, boil for a few minutes, when the caramel obtained acquires a golden color, add half a lemon and, if you want an even more delicate wax, 2 tablespoons of honey. Mix well. Then dip the mixture into cold water and, when it has cooled, work the mixture until you get a ball.

Then apply a thread of talcum powder on the legs, to prevent the caramel from sticking to the skin, then spread your Arab wax on the legs, from the ankles to the knees. Then tear off with a decisive gesture and start the operation again very quickly, along the area to be depilated.

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The video recipe of Arab waxing

As we said, preparing an Arab wax is really simple: you need few ingredients and everything requires very limited costs. In the video below, you can see all the steps required to make a perfect Arabic wax recipe. You can also choose to use strips of fabric to remove it or, as described above, manually work the mixture until you get a ball. To you the choice! Meanwhile, here is the video recipe for you.

Groin Arabian waxing: the most suitable hair removal method for the private parts

Being more delicate than classic hair removal methods, including hot wax, razor, electric epilator and depilatory cream, Arabian wax, both in the traditional variant and with the addition of honey, is particularly suitable for the groin and other areas. more sensitive and rich in glands. That's right, it's no secret that groin wax is particularly painful, first of all because of the excessive sensitivity of the skin in this area. Arab wax in this case is really the ideal not only thanks to its delicacy, but also due to the fact that it is particularly effective in smaller and not particularly large areas. In addition, the natural and delicate recipe also allows you to avoid redness, irritation and ingrown hair. In short, delicate, effective and painless can only be the right choice for groin hair removal, why not try it?

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Arab face wax: the ideal choice because it is painless!

Arab waxing is also particularly suitable for the face. Not only because it is painless, but also due to the fact that, being more delicate, it leaves the skin soft and more hydrated, avoiding redness and irritation, quite common in the case of sensitive and dry skin.

The use of 100% natural ingredients makes it ideal for a delicate area such as that of the face, of the mustache in particular. In this case it is advisable to prefer the recipe with the addition of honey, which, acting as a natural antibacterial, guarantees delicacy and perfect hydration. Furthermore, its action combined with the detoxifying and disinfectant properties of the lemon makes it a very suitable recipe for this particular area.

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Arab waxing: opinions. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of oriental wax!

Now let's see the specific advantages and disadvantages of oriental wax. In general, the advantages of this type of wax can only be counted, especially on the most delicate areas and more easily exposed to the risk of irritation and ingrown hairs or in the presence of glands and capillaries. However, it is also true that there are some minor disadvantages.
Here they are, summarized below.


  • This method is quick and natural, and the effect lasts for 3 weeks
  • Arabian wax can be used on all parts of the body precisely because it is more delicate. It is recommended for women who have fragile capillaries, for the moderate temperature of the wax and for the "massage" movements with the ball
  • Limits the risk of irritation, redness and ingrown hair
  • It is easy to make and inexpensive


  • The difficulty lies in getting the right consistency, which depends on how the ingredients have been heated. It is therefore necessary to stick to the original recipe and use exact ingredients and doses in order to create the right blend.
  • Just like the other wax hair removal methods, this too is still partly painful, but as we said, more suitable and therefore less aggressive for some parts of the body or for the face.
  • Homemade wax adheres less well to hair than hot wax. So you have to wait until the hairs are at least 5mm long.

10 minutes Arabian waxing: the do-it-yourself recipe
  • sugar
  • lemon
  • water
  • salt
  • honey

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