Travel-themed wedding: the best ideas and inspirations to organize it

Traveling is always a "great idea! E" a perfect gift, a perfect hobby, it enriches us, excites us, completes us.
A bit like love which is its own way a beautiful journey. And when you fall in love with a person who shares a great passion for travel with you, you cannot help but celebrate your love and your predilection for exploration and discovery, organizing a splendid travel-themed wedding, a little preamble of all. the journeys you have made and will continue to make together for life.

And to share this passion with your guests, we explain what are the essential elements to make the theme of the party clear to everyone.
Paper airplanes, trunks, vintage suitcases, maps, directions, symbols representing different parts of the world: decorate and color the location of your reception with the colors of the world for a party full of fun, ideas, culture and lots and lots of love!

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Get started with the participations!

In a themed wedding, every detail must be coherent and studied!
Our advice is therefore to start with the investments.
And when we say leaving, we really mean the departure of a journey!
Go ahead with envelopes designed as passports and a nice plane ticket as participation.

Each guest will have the impression of being invited to take part in a fantastic adventure and will appreciate the originality of the invitation and the theme you have chosen.
After all, who doesn't like to travel?


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Maps, suitcases, city names: essential elements for your wedding


Paper airplanes as placeholders, cones made from maps, an arrivals board similar to that of airports at the entrance to the reception location, where each guest will find their name and the destination table. It will give the event a cheerful air. and international, not to mention that guests will love to associate their name with a foreign capital.

A nice idea, which will give the guests the idea of ​​being on vacation, could be to give each table the name of a city you have visited together, perhaps with an element typical of that area.
Immediately after the board, put up signs, similar to road signs to guide guests to the tables, just like when traveling, it will be fun!

For the decorations of the tables and the tableau marriage, use vintage-style suitcases, those without wheels, with metal hooks. Open or closed, they will be a splendid decorative element. Choose them in leather or with the design of a globe!

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If you get married outside, perhaps in a place full of trees, use them to hang lights and maybe snapshots of you and the person you will marry during your travels.

Another idea that your guests will appreciate and that the bride and groom will find very useful, could be to leave a small notebook for the guests on the marriage tableau, where in addition to the dedications, each guest can suggest a place in the world to visit.
If you really love to travel, you will be thrilled with your friends' advice and will try to visit them all during your married life!

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Travel themed wedding favors ideas: simple and successful

The travel theme, when it comes to wedding favors, has only one name: souvenirs!
Like at the end of a trip, give your guests a memory of your day together.
They will cherish it as if it reminds them of a real trip and not a party!

Are you getting married by the sea?
If yours is a beach wedding, you could buy glass bottles (> on Amazon you can find 50 pieces for € 18.99) and fill them with sand or even sea water!

Are you getting married in a place full of citrus?
Then a bottle of limoncello will be perfect!
Or any local delicacy: olive oil, chilli pepper, fruit, typical wine, spices. Just like when traveling and enjoying a typical local dish, your guests will be happy to take home a delight that is reminiscent of yours. marriage.

Or you can focus on personalized travel diaries or very small suitcases full of confetti! You will see that the spouses' desire to travel will be able to infect everyone!

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The final touch? The departure for the honeymoon!


The Italian tradition wants the spouses to leave for their honeymoon on the very evening of the wedding, at the end of the party.

And "a" habit that our grandmothers and mothers certainly lived, symbolized the departure of the young spouses towards that great journey that is marriage.

In this case, you will need to organize a DJ set with an open bar, to make sure that your guests are having fun once the couple leave.

The chic touch?
The change of dress of the bride who removed the wedding dress, shows off a more casual outfit for the departure.
But if you don't want to give up the white dress, choose a sheath dress or a nice linen sundress if you are going to a tropical paradise.

Suitcases in hand and have a good trip!

Here are some ideas to inspire you:

Travel themed wedding ideas