Terminally ill "condenses the love of a lifetime into a couple of minutes a day": only in this way can she be close to her daughter

Joey and Rory Feek try to live to the fullest every day even as life gets tougher.
They are two beloved singers overseas, Joey was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2014, shortly after giving birth to Indiana, a beautiful baby with Down syndrome.
The cancer has also spread to the colon and in October 2015 it was judged to be terminal: any surgical operation would have been superfluous.

Rory decided to update a blog so that fans of the couple could follow the story of his wife step by step Joey and in a recently posted photo it says "destroyed and raised at the same time", can only observe Joey's gaze from afar who, not having much time available, must necessarily condense his love into a few minutes a day.

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When Joey leaves, and the doctors sadly have stopped being optimistic about it, Rory will no longer be on stage: "I won't sing or perform anymore if I don't have her by my side'.

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All we can do is wish them love and serenity: Feek family, we are close to you.

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