The position of the Amazon

A bit of history

This position has been practiced since ancient times, but with the name of "Andromache's position". Indeed, Hector's wife, the "hero of" Homer's Iliad, was known to practice this position, which sees the woman in the dominant role.

The technique

Sitting or squatting on the partner lying on his stomach, the woman guides the penetration, moving her body according to the movement and inclination she desires. She can support herself by placing her hands on the man's chest or tilting her back back for even deeper penetration. , placing his hands on his partner's knees. Although the woman is in charge, the man has his hands free and can caress the woman wherever he wants: breasts, thighs, buttocks, clitoris ...

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The sensations

- For the woman: this position favors the vaginal orgasm since the woman can orient her body according to the angle that allows her to feel more pleasure and favoring the penetration. The anterior area of ​​the vagina is particularly stressed, making this position favorable to the stimulation of the G-spot. The penetration is very deep.

- For the man: this position tends to slow down the increase in pleasure, which can be useful to know if your he ejaculates too quickly. Submissive to the rhythm of his partner, he can let go and feel his pleasure grow, watching his woman's body move on him.

The drawbacks

Some men do not appreciate this position because it "submits" them to the woman, and may have difficulty reaching orgasm precisely because they are not in control of their own pleasure. It is also important that the woman has a good relationship with her body as it will be exposed. to the partner's gaze during the entire duration of the sexual act. Furthermore, the depth of penetration could cause some pain.

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The best time to practice it

If the woman wants to be in control, this position is the best choice. Excellent even if he is a bit tired he wants to be dominated, enjoying the sight of his partner's naked body.

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