Water kefir: all the secrets of wellness granules and the best recipes

Water Kefir is a probiotic drink obtained through fermentation and made up of natural water, kefir grains and a natural sweetener. It is a drink rich in vitamins and minerals particularly appreciated by those who want a healthy and balanced diet.
Water kefir is not the only drink for your well-being. Do you know Golden Milk, literally golden milk? Find out how to prepare it easily in the video below.

What is water kefir?

Water kefir is made up of yeasts and beneficial bacteria, the so-called good bacteria that fight bad bacteria in the intestine. Also for this reason it is also chosen every day by vegetarians, vegans and celiacs. It has a very low percentage of sugar ranging from 3% to 10% and can be further enriched with lemon, grape juice, aromatic herbs, mind, malt, ginger root or honey. The amount of alcohol contained in water Kefir varies from 0.2% to 1%, and depends on the type of added sugars, fermentation and also on the amount of air available, because in the absence of air a more alcoholic drink is obtained. . Perfect during the summer, it has great refreshing power and is ideal for aperitifs, in the morning or why not? with meals. Certainly water kefir is a precious ally for your well-being with recognized properties even if it contains sugars. When it comes to diet and wellness, it is always better to dispel the false myths!

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Discovering the origins of water kefir

In the north of the Caucasus, an ancient legend attributes the birth of Kefir to Muhammad. The prophet would give it to the tribes, teaching them how to produce it to ensure a long life of well-being. Sin also narrates that in the Caucasus for generations the kefir recipe has been jealously handed down among the locals without ever revealing it to any foreigner because legend had it that kefir would lose all its virtues when it went outside the borders. Kefir remained unknown outside the Caucasus until the early 1900s when it was discovered by members of the Russian Academy of Sciences who understood its benefits and chose to use it for example for the treatment of tuberculosis and other serious diseases. It is no coincidence that among the inhabitants of antiquity the word kefir it means "Welfare"! Did you want to buy your granules and request a shipment online?

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Benefits of Water Kefir

Water Kefir tastes great, it is a gluten-free probiotic drink and therefore also suitable for celiacs and lactose intolerant people. Vegans appreciate its properties and often include it in their diet. The properties of water kefir are numerous, this drink is able to actively strengthen the immune system thanks to the yeasts and good bacteria it contains that mix with tasty ingredients. It is widely used to combat insomnia before it becomes chronic, to relax during the day and to combat skin problems such as allergies and acne.
Furthermore, water kefir also has great virtues for the stomach, because it improves digestion and lowers cholesterol. It has a valuable antibiotic and anti-inflammatory effect however as in all things it is good not to overdo it because it can be taken every day but a large amount can cause constipation. Kefir in water is usually also very popular with children first of all because it is slightly sparkling and flavored like the soft drinks they love! You can also use it every day to prepare smoothies and smoothies, but first remember not to abuse with honey which reduces the positive bacterial strains and therefore the probiotic charge.
Water kefir is one of the ideal products for those who want to embark on a detox diet! Discover the other ingredients too!

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The difference between milk kefir and water kefir

Water kefir is a sparkling and slightly alcoholic fermented drink. It contains yeasts and good bacteria that are important for our body. The basic drink can be flavored with essences, herbs and spices such as cinnamon or vanilla. There is also milk kefir, which differs from that of water for preparation and is much richer in live enzymes but is more caloric. Both are prepared with Kefir granules (they are also called grains). Kefir grains from water or milk are easy to find online and on Amazon (check out the five-star reviews!), In pharmacies and stores that specialize in organic and natural products.

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How to prepare it at home: the recipes

If you want to try it, you should buy a starter kit on Amazon (trust only five-star reviews) or you can choose your starter kit in a store specializing in natural products. Better not to try from the first day with live grains because they must be fed every day otherwise they die and lose all effectiveness. And if you become a real fan of water kefir then buy live grains and have fun making your own drink. Get a glass jar of about one liter. Fill it with water, then add Kefir granules, sugar, lemon, favorite fruit like figs, plums or raisins. Put herbs or aromas such as vanilla, cinnamon in the drink and mix carefully before sealing the jar. Never fill the jar to the brim but leave at least two fingers above the brim because at this point the fermentation process that creates carbon dioxide begins. After 24 hours, mix everything up and keep waiting. After another 24 hours, mix again: the fermentation is practically completed after 48 hours. At this point, filter the liquid with the help of a colander. The ideal strainer does not have too large meshes in order to recover granules without effort. Keep your water Kefir in the fridge and consume it fresh! The kefir granules can be kept for 7 days in water with sugar, always in the fridge. You can also keep them for longer by closing them in an airtight bag after allowing them to air dry (they will be vital for a year but "dormant"). Have fun trying new recipes every time: the spices, ingredients and fruit you use will give you beneficial drinks every time but always with a new taste! And if you want to give an exotic touch to your kefir, prepare it with coconut water: a real fresh delight! All you have to do is request an online shipment of granules right away (check out Amazon first) and get to work creating new and tasty recipes based on fruit and delicious ingredients!

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