Conceiving children in the summer could affect their physical fitness

If you often curse your parents because you wanted to be Leo and instead you are Libra, then you will be interested to know that WHEN you were conceived would also affect your fitness, resulting in a greater or lesser ability of the metabolism to produce brown fat. This type of fat is the one that regulates the variations and metabolic disorders, and therefore the weight, the brown fat would be transmitted to the offspring mainly during the hot season. If you are trying to decide when to conceive a child then, pay attention to the season and not only, take a look here, you may discover interesting things:

The influence of heat on the male parent

According to a research conducted in Zurich, it would be precisely the male, therefore the father, to transmit greater or lesser quantity of brown fat to the children, and this quantity would be linked to seasonality and therefore to temperature.
The researchers analyzed computed tomography images of at least 8,400 adults: people born between July and November, conceived in the winter, had more brown fat than those conceived in the warm months.

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The summer conception

The researchers delved into the topic with laboratory research: they selected two groups of rodents by keeping them at different temperatures, at 23 degrees and at 8 degrees centigrade, then they made them mate. From here not only emerged the male constant in influencing the presence of fat in the metabolism of children, but it also turned out that if they were subjected to a high-fat diet, the puppies conceived by animals forced to low temperatures continued to take less weight than the others Ultimately it would seem that the temperature of conception can affect the genetics of the child.

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So if you intend to conceive, find out with this test if he is too, and evaluate in what month to go into it!

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