Furnish with gold

Color of royalty

In the interior decoration, gold refers to the time when kings and queens populated the corridors of Versailles. Gold immediately makes us think of gold, a precious metal that we find more in museums than in friends' houses! Nevertheless, a gilded frame, with wood patinated by time, on the wall of the living room or bedroom helps to create a warm atmosphere. To find them easily, nothing better than an afternoon at the flea market!

Christmas color

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The golden shades are usually reserved for the end of the year celebrations, during which garlands, candles and lights highlight the great occasions, however it is increasingly trendy to choose golden furniture for a design living room. Tired of cold and dark rooms, interior designers offer new possibilities to design enthusiasts!

The cunning: if you have a long table in dark or black wood, you can decorate it with a beautiful golden object such as a candelabra, a vase or an antique centerpiece. It compensates by remaining simple with regards to plates, cutlery and glasses.

In which rooms?

Gold is mainly reserved for the living room or bedroom, but anything is possible! Before painting an entire wall with this color, however, try to get your eye used to it: if you have always been a fan of natural or pastel tones, you may soon get tired of the refined air that gold will give to your room.

Trends: more and more designers are returning to brass taps, whose golden color gives refinement and elegance to the bathroom and kitchen, but brass is making its way elsewhere too. Creators have more and more ideas to take advantage of this material that is back in fashion!

What colors to match it with

Gold is a color that imposes itself and creates a certain atmosphere, so you must be careful not to combine it with a color with an opposite effect. Avoid glow-in-the-dark colors and soft pinks (unless your daughter absolutely wants to have a real princess room!).

Combined with dark brown or purple, gold creates a convivial and warm atmosphere, like an "evening around the fire". Mixed with fuchsia or orange, it becomes festive and sophisticated, without falling into the Christmas stereotype of red and gold.

The gold and black combination brings us back to an elegant and understated design, although creators are slowly replacing black with purple.

The cunning: if you like exotic settings you can easily get a Moroccan mirror or Thai Buddhas. This type of object softens the traditional royal and elegant symbolism of gold.

The trendy idea: if you like the gold style, but not to the point of wanting to repaint the walls of the living room, you have a very trendy alternative: paint the window frames with gold paint, a guaranteed effect! But be careful, before you start, make sure the gilded windows match the color of your walls well! In addition, to avoid the "Middle Eastern bazaar" effect, the decor of the rest of the room must be sober.

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