Home Design: the coolest furniture of 2019

This year will focus on minimalism, luxury materials and metallic colors.
It sounds contradictory, but it describes the housing trends in 2019 very well. From the simplest to the most extravagant, here are all the interior design ideas for 2019.

If you are thinking of renovating your home, but don't want to spend a fortune, we have some tips for you, on how to choose a few, simple elements that will give your home a more chic look!

Focus on sorbet colors

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Vanilla, strawberry or pistachio: the trendy colors in terms of furniture look really delicious in 2019. Because this year the sorbet colors are trendy and bring a fresh breeze to our four walls. Anyone who thinks that pastel colors are only suitable for little girls' rooms, he is very wrong !. Properly combined, they are incredibly stylish.

Pastel colors look particularly good in the kitchen or dining room, where they give color accents and a cozy atmosphere and can be perfectly combined so that you don't even have to choose a color. Particularly harmonious with white furniture, light wood and of golden accessories.

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Slow Living remains a trend also in 2019

One of the great lifestyle trends of 2019 is the theme of slow life, which consciously opposes the stress of our hectic daily life. And this fits in with the Scandinavian design trend that radiates, through sober colors and straight lines, a lot of peace.

The most important features of the trend are bright, friendly colors and a reduction to the bare essentials, simply living no frills. The room should be quiet, with simple furnishings, warm light sources and lots of coziness.

This 2019 trend can be perfectly realized in the living room or bedroom, that is, where you rest. Choose bright colors and simple fabrics for your oasis of peace.

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For this Interior Trend 2019 focuses on high quality materials and furniture in white or natural wood. For bright colors, you should hold back as much as possible and instead use faux fur or super soft blankets to create comfort.

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Simple but with style: add a metallic detail!

Metal accessories have been a trend in recent years. This year, in addition to hot metals such as copper, brass and gold, the trend of life also draws on rose gold. Whether it's an elegant candle holder or a sleek side table, a metallic touch is sure to add a touch of style to your home.

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Accessories in metallic tones look great in the bedroom or living room and in combination with light or even white tones. Make the contrast noticeable.
Try adding a very small detail to a pastel-toned item, like this pillow case!

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Modern Glam: here's how to dare

Velvet, silk, marble and gold: this trend brings a breath of glamor to our home. A contrast to reduce minimalism, Modern Glam is based on art deco patterns and opulence. Velvety armchairs paired with golden accessories to spice up your home , a real palace!

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To avoid overdoing it, it is good to dose the modern glame elements in the right measure.
Overdoing it with too much velvet or damask, gold, marble is really easy!
Perfect to combine with the most minimal environments: a black wall that seems a bit bare?
Here's how to give it a glam touch.

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